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What are the chances of actually getting into the army at the moment? I know the defense bill has cost a lot of jobs so getting in is obviously going to be a lot more difficult as they can afford to be very selective, i was origionally going to apply for infantry but seeing as that is probably the main line of work in the army that new recruits will opt for i'm thinking of choosing something a bit different like the RLC, will this make any difference? Also, i sent a suppliment form back a week ago and was told i would never get in the army as i have too many tattoos (most of my arms are covered albeit with nothing offensive) after i was told i was pretty gutted as i've been training for months and basically changed my whole lifestyle in an aid to get into the army so i went to long serving friends in the forces who told me that what i had been told was a complete load of tosh and that the QRs state that tattoos are allowed if they can be covered by a shirt (below the collar and above the wrists) and i should try a different Careers office as this certain one is in a 'snobby' area anyway, i've now tried another careers office and am starting from scratch again, do you think it will be any different or will standards be the same?

Thanks in advance.
Lots of places for the RLC and infantry at the moment. Tattoos won't stop you from getting into the army unless your face has a spiders web across it or something along those lines. Many blokes in the army have their arms covered from top to bottom with tattoos. Hopefully forum member 'The Iron' will chip in as he's a recruiter and will put you straight. Good luck.
As long as your tattoos are not offensive, rascist or sexist and not large and on the neck, face or hands and wrists they are normally ok. If your tattoos are visible then the Senior Recruiter will assess them and get more clarification from RG with a 203 (special enlistment). You can proceed through the process but then when you have your medical at ADSC the SMO has the final say. Regarding jobs ues we are picking the best candidates at the moment, all jobs have loads of people who have passed ADSC selection awaiting to be allocated so give it your all and get a High B or A grade or if you pass with a lower grade later on through the process you may never get allocated. Edited to add your mate whos in the Army is wrong regarding all tattoos are ok if hidden as I have seen many not allowed in for gang, drug related and other offences said if in doubt by the recruiter this is flagged up to SO2 Caseworker to decide and finally SMO.

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