I was medically discharged after serving 12 yrs in the infantry "Green Jackets/Rifles" and 7 tours and medically discharged in 2013 due to PTSD and induced hearing loss both the Army have admitted liability for, I've since had skin cancer in 2018 and X2 operations to removed it, again the Army have admitted liability for and due to the operations and problems I now have back/leg pain daily, again the Army have admitted liability for.
I've been given crutches and house aids to help me by my GP and I've also not worked a single day the last 10 years due to my problems/ongoing problems and also been on X5 medications the vast majority of the last 9 years also, I've done everything asked over the years by Combat stress- courses/homework/meetings/psychiatrists etc etc and also my GP has done alot for me, the only thing left to do and currently doing is an advanced trauma based CBT course for 6 months and finishes in July 2021 and will recieve a detailed report/evidence for that, ive constantly been sending the AFCS loads of evidence and paperwork/pictures etc over the last 9 yrs and still have more to send off since ive been given crutches etc at home, I've had a few lump sums from the AFCS and my pension has increased twice but after all the above stated I'm only tariff 10- 30% GIP so in around 5-7 months time the RBL are representing me at the tribunal so just asking what are the odds of me winning at all, also asking as I've read posts on here and people are winning 75% GIP just for PTSD alone and only did 4 yrs service and even too little time served to even quality for a pension When discharged, and also do I get back pay of GIP increase from when I got discharged 8+ uears a go in 2013 and also would i qualify for AFIP ????



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Have you already spoken to your regimental charity for advice ., people think of charities as giving financial assistance but their really big role is in giving advice and referrals


Tough times mate. Sounds like you have and are trying lots of different strategies to help yourself, which is great. Getting the RBL to help you at your tribunal is a good call. It is often difficult to judge one person's abilities (or lack thereof) and to compare them to another person's, particularly from a forum post. This is particularly true for PTSD and other mental health conditions.

If you are keen, you could look for similar cases on the free legal website BAILII: British and Irish Legal Information Institute Running a search for "War pensions and armed forces compensation afcs ptsd" provides you with five cases between 2007 and 2016. The cases after 2007 are all Upper Tribunal cases (one level above the standard Lower Tribunal) and their decisions are much more detailed than most lower tribunal cases. Those cases could contain useful information (but can also throw your mind into a thousand other thoughts as well).

Some on here have had bad experiences of the RBL at tribunals; however, I can speak highly of the three cases I've been involved with, during which the RBL were professional and achieved a good/fair result for the veterans they were representing.

Hope your tribunal goes well.

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