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Discussion in 'Officers' started by jackmcd, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. I'm applying to Sandhurst and I was wondering if anyone here could tell me what the chances are for "older" applicants getting commissioned into an infantry regiment. I'm 27 this month, but I have a high level of physical fitness due to doing judo and brazilian jiu jitsu pretty much every day, sometimes twice a day. I've heard that teeth arms don't tend to select older applicants, is this true? Any information on the topic will be much appreciated.
  2. Hi jackmcd, welcome to ARRSE. This question has been gone over in great detail several times on this forum, if you try a quick search you should be able to come up with some useful answers previously posted from those in the know.
    In short, from my understanding of said posts, your age won't preclude you from joining the infantry since there are countless examples of older officer cadets being commissioned into infantry regiments, but it is true that these regiments prefer younger junior officers.
  3. Jackmcd, I’m in the same position as you (though I’m about 6 months older) and I have the same concerns. As far as I (a mere AOSB candidate) can see the answer depends on a lot of things – but chiefly the policy of the individual regiment and your credibility as a candidate. I get the impression that the policy can change as personnel change – different Regt Colonels have different priorities, and some might put something like education or geographic origin as priorities. That might explain why posters on ARRSE have such divergent opinions on the age issue. So far one Infantry regiment has rejected me for sponsorship on age grounds but my ACA has said that others are more accommodating, and the best advice he could give me is to attend the PIOFV, the Infantry Familiarisation visit in Warminster. The teeth arms seem to be harder to commission into which makes age a bigger deal than it otherwise might have been.

    That’s my experience of the Infantry, has anyone any experience of similar problems in the Royal Armoured Corps?
  4. Wager and Jackmd,

    As Shifty points out there is quite a lot of previous on this subject. As a quick resume though. Yes, as an older officer there will be some Infantry Regiments who will not even look at you - and this has nothing to do with how good/old/well recruited they are. Often it is just down to the preferences of the Colonel of the Regiment. My advice to you would be to continue to look around. If you have no luck then look to get someone else to sponsor you to RMAS. Once you are there, if you are bloody good then there will be Infantry Regiments who will happily take you. Good luck.

  5. Find a regiment you can really get involved with. Do the interviews and visits and find out whether they can be your family.

    A lot of regiments spout a load of info about recruiting only from the top 1/3, but with Infantry that seems to be more realistic.
  6. Interestingly, I've been talking to an Army Officer who's regiment actively recruits across the range of ability at RMAS. Their reasoning is that they will always need those Officers who will represent the Regiment as 'late', but equally, they need Officers who will peak at Maj but do those extremely useful jobs that contribute in a less tangible way - i.e those Old Boys who know somebody who knows somebody and can get you just the right thing (which was completely unavailable when asked for formally).

    A very far sighted policy I think, which amazes me slightly as a matelot....
  7. There are some Corps that profess to only take top 1/3 OCdts and then on the PO course split them into thirds: annointing the top 1/3 and discarding the lower 2/3... leaving the army with unhappy talented officers. How's that for an irony.
  8. Its not more realistic. Infantry regiments recruit from across the range, similarly to anyone else. I can think of numerous examples of people from my platoon who were either middle third and whisper it, at least one guy who probably came bottom third and went to a prestigious infantry regiment and by all accounts performed very well last summer in Afghanistan.

    I know that this will probably be ignored but simply do the best you can, don't be a tool and try and find somewhere you like and will fit in
  9. Barbs, I don't understand - do you mean on the Young Officers special to arm training, or on Fam visits (sometimes referred to as Potential Officers courses)?