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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by law333, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. Very quick question.

    after ive finished basic and phase 2 training (reme, armourer) whats the chances of being sent on excersize/tour etc.

    more of a question from my mrs really. although would be nice to no that im gonna be around for my kids first year.
  2. depends where you get posted

    but yeah expect to go on exercise at least... if not tour with todays turnaround

    ive been in 2.5 years and off on my second tour soon
  3. yea that's a good question, i was also wondering like, you do get to choose where you go on tour, don't you?
    it would be nice to experience an operational tour though...i was just wondering anyways, so if any one's got any answers, please....
  4. my arse do you!

    as a regular you are a proffesional soldier. not only do you have no say in where they send you on tour, they can post you anywhere too.
    you may give preferences, but they can turn around and ignor you.

    bet your bottom dollar you will go to afgan if you go on tour, seen as iraq is almost over, or so they say.
  5. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    As stated in another answer - depends on your unit and if they are on the op tour plot. Sometimes your unit goes nowhere (tour wise) so you do not deploy. However, you will still do exercises which could be overseas, courses, overnight duties and the like. Therefore, theoretically, you could spend quite a bit of time away. You could also get selected/'trawled' to deploy as an individual but I am not clear on how many Cfn Armourers are currently in that bracket, if any. Ask the question at Phase 2/when you get to your unit.

    An example - notwithstanding rank, in one year before I went to drive a desk as a staff officer, I spent nearly 10 months out of 12 away from home - 3 months on Ex Saif Sareea in Oman, 4 months in the Falklands and a total of three months away from home on exercises, courses and adventurous training. Now that was a bit of an unusual year, but even so it gives you an idea of what can happen. On the other hand the year before that, no op tour and only spent about 3-4 months away (combining courses, exercises, adventurous training).

    No one individual is the same, even in the same unit. Bottom line is if your Mrs is expecting you to b*gger off in your first year and that is her worst case scenario, then at least she knows the worst. You won't really know until you get to speak to your unit once you know where you are posted to, and even then the diary/Regimental programme could change. Plan once, plan a million times - that's life in green.

    Wherever you end up, enjoy and good luck.
  6. Like has been said before it does depend on your unit. If you are desperate to go away go onto ArmyNet and look on the E2 operational list and pick a job which you can do, approach your chain of command with the details and see what happens.
  7. Laughed out loud at that one : )
  8. lol, i kn it does sound like a stupid enough question, knowing fully well that we are soldiers first...:) anyways thnx for the replies...i am just looking forward to everything, and every enthusiastic about the whole thing, i would be the first in me family to ever be in the army...i think that is a pretty big achievement in its own...
  9. I think you're confusing tours and postings! You can fill out a posting preference form but you're at the mercy of the APC, who will "do their best" to satisfy most people.

    You deploy on tour to wherever your Unit is going, shit bust.
  10. Thanks for all the replies. Pretty much what id assumed already.

    Best be digging out my sunnies then 8)
  11. Wait, what?
    Worlds most obvious wah isn't a wah?