Chances of getting redundancy tranche 2 ????

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by Harry Black, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. I have volunteered for redundancy when my name was on the list in Jan 12.
    But what is the chances of me realy getting it ?
    I have looked at the DIN and i know there are 27 people needed in my Rank/Trade/Capbadge etc
    I am deploying in two weeks and i just wish i could find out if i am successful or not before i go.

    The Board must of sat by now someone must know something..........

  2. If you are just about to deploy your unit should have informed AREDC and you will not be eligible for Tr2 .
  3. As I understand it, his commitment to ops makes him ineligible for compulsory redundancy. However, the OP has clearly stated that he volunteered so, if successful, will begin his 6 month notice period upon completion of the op tour, decompression and potl.
  4. I am ineligible for compulsory redundancy as i am deploying however like Alpha Mech has stated i am a volunteer so i will be looked at fingers crossed.
    I would just like to know if i have got a chance of getting it.

    The factors in which i think i will not be successful are - My past SJAR's are pretty good and that i am not a lazy lay around like some of the people in my workplace. The only reason i haven't picked up in the past is my trade there are not many gaps to promote me.
    I have been in the Army since i was 16 and i am coming upto my 13 year point soon. it would be nice if i got the redundancy as i would look at it as a golden "goodbye" plus it would come in handy for my transtion into Civi street.

    I know there are many old and bold caracters on this forum and they must know something..............

    Many Thanks
  5. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Alpha_Mech has it right as far as I am aware.

    With regard to your chances. The paperwork is clear; all those eligible are boarded in Glasgow. The board members do not know if you are a volunteer or not when they grade you. Grading is done as per a promotion board but they do look at future employability as a criteria as well. This means a pecking order is produced and at this point they find out who the volunteers are. Selections are then made accordingly. Whilst it is not stated in the official paperwork, I can only surmise that if you are any good your chances of being selected for redundancy are slim whether you volunteered or not (by any good, I suspect in Army terms this will mean, not bottom third - although there are perfectly good soldiers in that bracket in some cases).

    Of course, the problem is we are all guessing how it will pan out. If you are in the bracket (by choice in your case), you have no choice but to prep for getting out, just in case.

    I wish you luck - both for your tour and for the board results.

    I know that is not a definitive answer which you wanted, but I hope that helps anyway.

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  6. There were soldiers selected for redundancy during T1 who were ABOVE the quality line for promotion.

    I wouldn't be concerned with which third you're in, rather how many of you are in your bracket, compared to the number of those who are to be cut. The closer together that those numbers are, the greater the chance of you being selected.
  7. As Spaz alludes to.

    Selection isn't about only keeping hte best... or in about 3 years time when only so many will get promoted, you end up with the 'best but not promoted' all leaving anyway.

    The selection involves losing a even spread from good to bad. Because some of the 'bottom third' will soldier on and not care they are not getting promoted.

    I'd imagine as a volunteer your chances are good to go.

    I have to say thought, this volunteer business if fcuking daft. There is no incentive what so ever to volunteering, not even knowledge you WILL go.
  8. They are going to select volunteers first, so if you want it, the best chance is to volunteer. Got to be in it to win it!
  9. Thanks for your replies guys.
    This volunteer business is daft because I have to wait so long until I find out I could of started planning my future before I deploy.
    instead I am going to be in some howling FOB and proberly get told by my OC and get the ball rolling when I am on POTL.
    wish I had a friend in Glasgow !
    In the bigger picture I hope I go because truthly once Afghan winds down I think the Army is going to be a bad organisation to be in with cost cutting, no Gucci postings etc.
    plus there seems to be a big gap with experience and fresh out of depot there is no middle management anymore no senior guys in platoons/Sqn's.
  10. My understanding is that the boards on who goes is the easy part. The difficult bit (and why it takes so long to announce the results) is that the Army needs to make sure it doesnt make units non effective by selecting too many from one place eg selecting the CO of a unit in one bracket and the 2IC and 2 OCs in another and the QM and QM(T) in a third.

    There are over 100 guys from the CO down eligable in my unit. Obviously not all will get it, but the potential impact on effectiveness is massive. The powers that be need to make sure that that the system doesnt come to a screeching halt in June.
  11. Well here i am sat in Afghanistan waiting for the results. The board must of sat by now i hate this waiting game surley someone know's something if you do can you inbox me please. I really want to know cheers
  12. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    HB, a bit like the rest of us then ! I spoke to my desk officer in Glasgow 2 weeks ago (and he is a mate) - no joy. It is the best kept secret apart from Nuke launch codes.

    However rumour has it that they are looking to mag to grid more than the numbers announced in the I reckon the only politically acceptable way to do that is let all the volunteers go (again rumour has it there are many more than original numbers required). Again, this is all rumour but it's good to talk !

    If anyone does actually know anything please put us out of our misery :)

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  13. the figures on the redundancy website on DII suggest that there are 302 too many volunteers for certain brackets and that 800 odd will be getting compulsary redundancy.
    as a volunteer myself i dont really fancy my chances. i have been promoted since 28th feb but still remain eligable however my last 3 sjar's suggest that i should promote with the my last 2 coming off the board.
    only 3 weeks to go.
  14. I saw that also it works out at around 5 pax per rank/cap badge extra have applied,knowing my luck 100 of the 302 extra applicants will be in my rank/cap badge lol
  15. In my trade and rank, Glasgow want to cut 50 of us who have served between 9 and 16 years.
    As a non-volunteer, I've accepted that my days are numbered.
    On the plus side, I've found out that learning credits will cover the fees for a 3 year First Degree and that I will also be eligible for a full grant. So I may become a very mature student - lock up your daughters!
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