Chances of getting into the TA with a confirmed RCB date?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by pimpernel, Aug 24, 2010.

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  1. My son has just graduated from Uni and has done the UOTC bit there, he is set for an RCB in October and all going to plan hopes to be at RMAS in May 2011. So what is the score of him joining the TA until he goes to RMAS (subject to passing) and does any one have the Oxford TA Rifles contact number as it seems to be kaput.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. A bloke who wants to be an Officer really shouldn't get his mum to ask.
  3. I know but Daddy is bored and is parked behind the PC.
  4. Did he discharge from OTC? if not then he can just transfer across (and selfishly consume MTD's for the unit he'll leave in 6 months time). If he did discharge he'll need to re-enlist depending on unit admin it might take until May 2011 until his TA paperwork is sorted out.

    He's unlikely to do anything in the TA he hasn't already done at OTC - if I were him i'd better myself by travelling or get some other real world experience away from the Army. It'll probably look better at RCB too, they don't always like 1D army barmy types.
  5. He can join.

    However, if he has an RCB date booked and expects to be at RMAS next year, his attestation as a member of the TA will more than likely occur at the same time as his RCB which, by the way, isn't called RCB anymore - it's the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB) now and you don't stipulate which level he is attending in Oct - Briefing or Main Board?

    Attestation so close to AOSB will potentially cause a glitch on TRHJ or JPA, and he would be joining as a soldier, not an Officer as TA Commissions work in subtly different ways to regular ones.

    If he wanted to join as a 'Potential Officer' into the TA, he should wait until after his AOSB Main Board pass.

    It might be better if he hung around with the OTC as an instructor.
  6. Im guessing your talking about A Coy 7 Rifles? Youll want to wait untill about the end of september because the battalion will be on camp soon. But the number for Edward Brooks Barracks is 01235546006
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Don't wait, get the ball rolling now.

  8. There will be permenant recruiting personnel and Recruit Training NCO there while the rest of the Coy is on camp, so feel free to contact them. In fact pop in or give them a shout tonight and get it started.

    Just to point out to the Op, the Oxford address ceased to be about a year or so ago and their new address, Edward Brooks Barracks, is in Abingdon.
  9. If I were your son, I wouldn't bother trying to faff around transferring/joining a TA unit especially if he gets a pass in October. He will be giving the army at least 4 years of his life, why not do something else for the time in between? If he's already done the OTC, he'll hopefully have a good idea about what the Board is looking for.

    Even if he is doing a simple transfer, it can take a lot longer than expected for him to be on his new units strength, be able to draw kit and actually train. It took 5 months for myself and two other friends to go from Group B to Group A. While this may be the exception rather than the rule, his training time will be limited anyway and he may not be able to get on any courses. Again, I was supposed to get onto a trade course in September but was put on the reserve list, and now I have to wait until January or next summer. Since he won't be deploying (at least with that unit) they will no doubt keep him as a low priority. Bear in my this is a completely subjective experience, however if I have learned anything from the TA/JPA, it's that it takes a long time to be able to do anything.

    Just my 2 cents, but I wouldn't be waiting around for the TA in that time. I would save up, travel and generally enjoy the last moments of freedom before Sandhurst.
  10. Thanks guys much appreciated for all the advice he is cracking on with it now.