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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tog256, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. What are the chances of being deployed these days? is there always a high risk. Because i don't want to join and then immediatly get deployed.
    also can someone explain the TA contract terms and conditions to me please. Someone said you can leave whenever you want, is this true?(not what id do just question)

    Kind regards
  2. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    The chances of you being deployed will depend on the unit you join. Some cap badges are in high demand, some less so. At the moment all mobilisation is supposed to be voluntary, ie, you're asked if you'd be willing to deploy. This MAY change.

    You cannot be called up until you're a trained soldier though and how long this takes will vary on when the basic courses run, how committed you are to the training and other factors (your shoe size, which way the wind is blowing etc etc).

    I don't have a copy to reference, but yes, you may sign up for 3-4 years, or whatever the timescale is now, but you can leave before that. Basically just ask to be discharged and hand all your kit in. Don't think you can do this to avoid mobilisation though, once called up it's a different ball game.

  3. It all depends on what unit you are going to join, mostly it is volunteer call up i.e you ask to go. But I have heard of a few people being told they are going.

    It would be a while until you can go any where, you need to be trained first and that takes time.

    My way of thinking is you would be daft not to think that in the way the world is nowdays that you wont one day might have to go and do your bit. If you are thinking that way you might want to rethink about signing on the dotted line.
  4. Sorry about that jmj, It looks like we said the same thing there at the same time, but you had the quicker fingers.
  5. No im not worried about doing my bit, i joined the paras years ago but was medically discharged during training, doing my bit is not an issue, it's the fact that im getting to an age where i have to join now or it will be to late, but im doing a part time course which lasts for over 3 yrs and being mobilized would ruin all i will have learned and i would have to start again.

    The unit i want to join is 131 commando RE, are they in high demand? also how long is their training?

    Kind regards
  6. Your best bet is to give the unit a call, don't know for sure but you could be looking at about 2 years until you are fully trained.
  7. Yeh i will do that. 2 years training, wow, that would suit me just fine. does that mean i would only have to serve 1 active year due to 2 years training, to make up the 3 yr contract?

    Thanks for all the info

    Kind regards
  8. Hope things work out best of luck.
  9. My unit (infantry) will take about 6 months to a year to train me up I think, and I'm just a few weeks in so far. By that time they will just be back from a hot sandy place, so I imagine it will take quite a while before I'm asked to do my bit (which I'm ok with otherwise I would not have joined).
  10. Can you explain how being med discharged from Para's, you are able to join the TA???? If you are in receipt of a med pension you do know if by some miracle you slip thru the net and are able to join up again (TA) you will lose your pension immediately and may have to re-pay some of it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is what I was told when I enquired about joining the TA back in 96.. Might have changed by now tho as they are desperate for any cannon fodder these days, no offence to yourself that is.....
  11. Chimp503, i was MD because of a torn lateral knee ligament. they said i had to wait 9 months before i was allowed to re-apply, i wasn't in the paras i was a recruit. My knee is all dandy now. And my follow up x-rays etc... showed that my knee was fine.
  12. Hi me again, i finally found someone who is in 131, he has been for a few months, i got talking to him about it, then he said he was transffering to RMR. Is it possible to just transfer, why would 131 just let him go after hes just been trained?

    Whats the story on transferring, can it be done as easily as that? (just a general question)

    Kind regards