Chances of being sent to Chilwell (170 Engr Gp)

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by 86-john-mahn, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. I'm waiting for a phase 1 date and looking to trade as a Draughty as I've had previous experience of that type of work at uni. What are the chances of me requesting a move to Chilwell and actually getting it, whether straight after phase 2 whilst waiting for the next DD course to start (been told a long, long wait) or after I pass my class 2?

    I've heard nothing but good things about the place, the deployment tempo is attractive and the location seems good although it seems predominently TA so ignore me if my question is ridiculous coming from someone who's going regular soldier.

    Also could somebody in the know give me an estimate of when the next available DD course is likely to start? I've been told the other design trades are next April but nobody's sure of the next Design Draughtsman.
  2. I was going DD, I have had to change job choice. Passed selection last october, apparently there are 3 spaces for all design trades til next February, then after that who knows.

    Canny gutted, Design Draughtsman would be great to have after army life, but I'm not really that bothered about after army life.

    You passed selection?
  3. I have my selection in a few weeks, passed my pre-ADSC a few weeks back and was told to expect an easy A grade, so fingers crossed that I don't mess up somehow. Phys is a strong point for me and I feel pretty confident about all the other tests so I'm going to try my best for an A as it's only A's and B's that their putting through now.

    My recruiter is going to let me know as soon as the phase 1 dates for DD become available but I'm feeling more disheartened the more I read about the lack of spaces.

    I've worked in that type of area for a good few years so I can't really see myself enjoying any of the other trades. Surveyor Engineer looks slightly interesting to me but that's another option that's fully booked up.

    Think an application to the RM might be on the cards. Which is a bit gutting as I was told the design trades struggled with recruitment for a while until recently.
  4. Yeh mate, I have no idea what has happened within the last year, for the good trades it seems impossible to get in, maybe people that were about to leave didn't due to the "credit crunch".

    I did building services engineering at uni, didn't finish it like, but design engineering was pretty much the same sort of line, however I'm in a position where I can't wait 1 or 2 year for a space so I have changed choices. I'd like to be in for a good few year though, so I'm not to concerned with life after army.

    Then again if you storm ADSC then you might get on one of the very few spaces within the next year. If it's definitely what you want to do then like everyone says, it will be worth the wait.
  5. I understand what you mean about not being able to wait. I can't be doing with staying on the dole any longer, the latest course they sent me on was like something from a young offenders institution, the first 2 hours involved how not to get caught with weed on you when the police come into the building with the sniffer dogs. Also, temporary jobs are scarce in my area and nobody's up for employing someone who's looking to eventually abandon them for the Army. In retrospect I shouldn't of left it so late to apply, I anticipated a long wait but certainly not over a year. I'll just try and smash selection and hope for the best.

    What trade did you eventually choose and do you have a phase 1 date yet?
  6. I'm waiting on RE Electrician. No phase1 date yet, I was told I'd hear back within a month, 2 weeks ago, so you know.... Waiting by the phone :)

    It's hell man, I'm out of a job come July, this wasn't a problem when I did ADSC last October as I just assumed I'd have a date sorted by .. now, but nah, looking likely to be another 6month wait so will be job hunting again come the summer, it's so tough to get any job, even supermarkets, the selection process you go through for some crap jobs is beyond me, tougher than ADSC :)

    Yeh I know what you mean, I'm 23 and I just wish I started this whole application years ago, I'd sack college and Uni off if I could go back, but It's all life experience.

    You getting on with the age then ey? :p
  7. ...nothing but good things... Obviously you haven't read some of the threads on ARRSE. :lol: I reckon it's a good place, but then, I'm biased and very easily pleased.

    ...predominantly TA... Only on certain weekends. Where all the Regulars disappear to, I've no idea. By establishment, there should be nearly twice as many Regular as TA, actual numbers could vary considerably from this. But if you're going there as a Regular, I wouldn't worry, we work different days so rarely see each other unless you turn up to the Unit Bar on the infrequent weekends that we visit Chilwell. Chilwell is also home to the RTMC, so I suppose there will be occasions when there's a large gaggle of TA around, but it's unlikely that they'll be in 170's domain.

    ...deployment tempo... I gather that it's not quite as hectic as it was a few years ago, but combining ops and routine work (which in itself is a full-time job) means that you shouldn't get bored.
  8. Same age as you mate, turn 24 in a couple of months. I find the average age for recruits on the insight courses, pre-adsc's that I've been on to be about 20, so not too bad, definitely a few older lads there as well. I finished uni last year, should've got the ball rolling way before then. I done Graphic Design which is obviously not construction related but used a few similar programs, still a bit of a waste considering I could of joined the RE straight from school. If I could go back I'd do Architecture, 7 years and about 30k of debt later I'd apply for Officer entry. A lot of regrets.....

    Good link, I remember posting in that myself when I was still undecided.
  9. it is fecking tonk there pal, loads of jumped up cone-heids bitching about promotion/etc (there are some good ones there though they are not all bad) while the lads get fecked about from dawn until dusk.

    constantly away from well-chilled as well which is ok at first but takes the p1ss after a couple of years of doing it.

    ITD's/MATT's have to be done at least 3 times per year or is that just a 170 thing????

    good luck in avoiding the place.

  10. Did you not look at Draughtsman Electrical & Mechanical instead then? It is this trade - not Design Draughtsman - that cover Building Services Engineering in depth.

    It is generally not as over-subscribed as well.
  11. As far as I'm aware there are only 3 spaces right until next year for the Design Engineering choice (which covers all four, DD DE&M, Surveyor, Construction MT)

    Like I said, it would be ideal if I could wait 1/2year.
  12. Are you being serious? Assuming you do 24 years service you still have another 40 odd working years left. Do you not think that it might be a good idea to have a bit of foresight and square yourself away from life after the Army by getting a decent trade rather than end up with fcuk all and flipping burgers in McDonalds? Resettlement starts the day you join up, not your final year.
  13. Yeh I understand your point and one of the reasons I'm only interested in the Royal Engineers is because of the trades, ideally my 1st choice trade isn't happening but I'm more than happy being trained up in a very solid trade.

    Whatever trade I end up with I'll look to really get as much of it as possible for the life after army, I'd love to be involved in design Engineering/Construction side of things If and when I'm out the army.

    I'll still love to be able to stay in the army as long as possible provided everything goes that way.
  14. 170 is one of the busiest units in the Corps and I would say, probably one of the busiest in the Army. When there were only 3 Works Groups in an STRE (Wks) you would spend 6 months on tour, 12 off. But in the 12 off you would go abroad to do a design exercise, probably spend 3 months on spearhead and then have 2 months pre deployment training. Life for the heavy teams (fuels, power and water) is just as hectic. I felt sorry for the guys who went there for 5 years straight off their Class 2. Theoretically they could do four 6 month tours, alothough more than likely it would be 3. Now that there is a fourth Works Group (and talk of forming a sixth) the operational commitment should theoretically reduce however wait out.