chances of being accepted straight after probation?

Hey all, I know people have already asked if they can join the army with a criminal record but I would like to find out what my personal chances are. Im 26 and am married with 2 children. Up until last year I was working as a courier struggling to make ends meet and feeling miserable about my dead end job and not being able to provide a good life for my family. I felt depressed leading to me being pulled over one day in my car and as a result lost my license for drink driving. Whilst awaiting my court date I finally discovered what I wanted to do with my life and headed for my local careers office. I told them about my court date and my offence and they said it shouldn't be a problem as I wanted to be an infantry soldier and wouldn't need a license and the offence is not that bad meaning being accepted shouldn't be a problem (I am fully aware of the seriousness of my offence though). Things were looking up until my court date. As a result of the level of alcohol in my system I was given a 3 year ban and a years probation. I have used this time to train hard at the gym whilst also reading books of first hand accounts of soldiers in Afghanistan and elsewhere. I've been watching every Documentry about the Army available (Ross kemp, Andy McNab etc.) I've booked myself up for an insight course at Colchester barracks. Basically I've been doing every you could possibly do other than actually joining! I'm completley obsessed with the military and it would destroy me if I was told I couldn't join as a result of being unhappy last year. I'm off probation in 6 months and wish to apply straight away. Can someone please give me some info on what my chances are. Will my case been seen individually? Will my motivation and determination matter to recruiting staff? Or should I just give it all up?

thank you

I think you'll be ok mate, but chill a bit, Id err on the side of caution regarding getting yourself worked up with DVD's and books, take it as entertainment and pick out the salient points for yourself, you seem pretty together, are making the right inroads to rectify your situation and you cant really do anymore than that. Just stay on top of your phys, stick to the script with your probation officer, keep the careers bod updated and accept the landing when you get the decision. Think the army is quite keen on having everyone up to scheme with driving but you'll get a better informed answer from someone in the know I expect.


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You will be eligible to apply once your probation has finished, but until your ban is over you will only be allowed to apply for the Infantry.

You cannot join whilst on probation unless you are released from the order by court because it is like a suspended sentence, once you have done the time you should be okay :)

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