Chances of a tour after catterick

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by geordiejake20, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. Hi folks just recently joined but been lurking for a while. Well here it is I applied for the Northumberland Fusiliers but I have to go through the re - joining process. Because I applied when I was 16 had a start date but never went to basic. Well I'm 20 now and more mature so I'm going for it this time. I found out that the 1'st battalion are off to afgan in the summer of 2013 and I was thinking with the re - joining process being longer if I would stand a chance of making that tour. Would I deploy straight from Catterick or do pre deployment training and probably miss it. Its not that I am the gun ho type, but with everything coming to an end in 2014 I don't want to miss my chance. Any help is much appreciated.

  2. Mate with the ops winding down at the minute there's only a slight chance of getting a tour. I mean with you still havi g to go through the process the chances of actually getting on a tour are slim
  3. You would be more deserving of POTL after spending any time in Catterick ^~
  4. Aye i was thinking it might be a bit late by the time I actually get in never mind though thanks for the help what's POTL?
  5. It is possible. I'm going for Coldstream. My recruiter told me if I start basic with in the next few months, I should be on tour next year. All depends on the regt.

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  6. Aye but I'm going through the re - enlister's process which can take a while the RG8 form can take a few months which doesn't help apparently there's a big backlog of them. So I have about a year before 1'st Battalion go away plus a stint in catterick. But you never know best of luck anyway mate.
  7. I bet you have never applied for the Northumberland Fusiliers... seeing as they were amalgamated in to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in 1968, which by your stated age, be 24 years before your birth.

    I am sure there would be a lot of interested former Royal Northumberland Fusiliers if the 1st bn is indeed heading out to Afghan in 2013.
  8. I put Northumberland so people knew which regiment I was on about since I think there's a few fusilier regiments not that I'm an expert like. It says on the army site that there away in the summer of 2013.
  9. Clearly...

    No one knows which Regiment you're on about because the one you refer to hasn't existed since 1968.

    There is now only one regiment, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers of three Bns (two Reg and one TA).

    Admittedly Northumberland is represented in tha tRegiment.

    March 2004 saw teh demise of two of the last three Fusilier Regiments. Royal Highland Fusilers to the 2nd Bn, Royal Regiment of Scotland and the Royal Welch Fusiliers to the Royal Welsh. I think they became 1 Bn.
  10. Another bone thread, how about people concentrate on actually joining the Army and passing the CIC before whinging about wanting to go on tour.

    Especially when they don't even bother to learn about the regiment the claim they want to join.
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