Chances at AOSB-Sixth Form Scholarship

Just wondering what my chances are of getting the Sixth Form Scholarship.

240 candidates go to AOSB and 100 get a Scholarship. My fitness is pretty good, can pass the 1.5 mile run easily along with the press ups and situps. Got 8 A* and 2 A at GCSE and I think my interview and Insight Course went pretty well. Any idea?
Do your best at AOSB, don't be a cock, get good grades, be confident (but not a cock) and you've got as much chance as anyone...



Actually, it's 'up to 100 get a Scholarship' because you have to meet the criteria for one, not just be in the top 100.

So what? You need a relatively high Mental Aptitude Profile score and you need to do well enough in the testing to convince the Board that, five years down the line, you will be suitable to begin the Commissioning Course. That's quite an ask.

So, have a read of the advice that is already here about current affairs, planning exercises and so on, and prepare yourself accordingly. If you have any further questions, ask them.

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