Chances 1 - 10. One being slim Ten being give it a go..

During my youth I served with a line infantry regiment. Five years, leaving as a Lance Jack.

During a moment of madness, I committed a criminal offence that resulted in civilan custody (I beat the granny out of someone - but the details are irrelevent I think) and as a result was discharged.

Anyway, time flies. This was 15 years ago and the record is long spent but obviously the discharge remains. I've got itchy feet and really fancy joining the TA - with the specific intention of touring. I'm within age bands and fit.

Be honest, do I have anything to offer? DO I even bother to apply?

I was a good soldier, if I say so myself, but the **** needed it and I gave it to him and feel punished as a result. Maybe rightly so, but my unit wanted to keep me but were constrained by regulations and now I just want to have another crack.

Yes, I did end up doing other things abroad and such but it's mostly shite and not nearly the same - don;t let anyone kid you otherwise.


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Call the unit you want to join and ask them. You'll get a better answer than from on here.


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realisticly you stand a pretty damn good chance mate.

since JPA came in, everyones records are having to be re created.

i have only one suggestion, do not say or even imply that you have been in before or they will spend weeks/months looking for your old records. unless of course they ask you, then you cant lie to them. give it a go, whats the worst that could happen?


I agree with Supermark you really need to go see the unit you intend to join, they will need to see your discharge papers and consult Glasgow on if you can sign up. I would give it a go because you'll never know until you ask and you dont want to leave it too late and then kick yourself for it

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