Chancellor to announce new measures for Army today

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bumper, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. Interesting story on the wires this morning....... para 5

    By Gonzalo Vina and Robert Hutton
    Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling today may boost the U.K. Treasury’s borrowing and raise taxes on bankers, part of the Labour government’s effort to revive voter support before next year’s election.
    Darling will force banks awarding bonuses above a specific threshold to pay a levy of about 50 percent on them, said Chris Sanger, head of tax policy at Ernst & Young LLP. Darling speaks at 12:30 p.m. in Parliament.
    “Nobody wants to drive banks and bankers away from the City of London, they’re important for our economy,” Business Secretary Peter Mandelson told GMTV. “But we’re seeing in some respects a return to the short-term bonus culture that got us into trouble in the past, so it’s reasonable for the chancellor to deliver a message to the banks.”
    The Chancellor is also expected to allude to the cost of operations and civil aid in Afghanistan and may announce dramatic new measures to help fund the Armed Services. With the agreement of the MOD and Cabinet he is thought to be set to announce the go ahead of the long rumoured business sponsorship programme in which companies will be invited to sponsor individual regiments or corps. Funds raised will be directed to sports and recreational facilities for servicemen and improved community facilities for children. Whilst no business logo's will be worn on uniforms many are thought to be enthusiastic about being associated with what many consider to be the best brand in the world. Ministers believe the perfect starting point would be JCB and the Royal Engineers. A Whitehall source said, "This is a terrific way to improve quality of life for servicemen and their families and business will get a lot more kudos than they would sponsoring overpaid foreign footballers in Manchester. We can really get the country behind our boys on this one."

    Others are not so enthusiastic. A Royal Tank Regiment Warrant Officer was quoted as saying, "If they stick a Tonka Toy sticker on my tank I'll rip their lungs out, " and the Officers Mess of an unnamed calvary regiment have threatened to resign en masse if rumoured interest from Prada is accepted by the MOD.

    Ministers are determined to press ahead though regardless of what they believe is outdated thinking. one said, "They've lived in their cosy little world for too long and it's time they joined the rest of us. These are tough times and we all have to make sacrifices. It'll be good for the kiddies and they'll get used it. They always do."
    Darling said Dec. 7 that voters “don’t buy the argument that there should be a decade of austerity” and that “going further and faster” on curbing the deficit “would be ruinous.”
    Five polls since the beginning of November have signaled the Conservative lead over Labour is narrow enough to deny the opposition an outright victory in the election. Those findings coincided with Brown and Darling stepping up attacks on bankers who they blame for causing the economic crisis.
    A Populus Ltd. survey finished Dec. 6 showed the Conservatives with an eight-point lead over Labour, not enough to win a majority in the House of Commons.

    --With additional assistance from Thomas Penny and Elliott Gotkine in London and Svenja O’Donnell in Horsham. Editors: Reed
    Landberg, Andrew Atkinson
  2. Bit early for April fools
  3. FFS The Royal ( Tesco) Tank Regiment, and The Queens Royal Mc Donalds Lancers fekking great LOL
  4. I may be taking this out of context but I hardly think in this current level of ops its a cosy little world for the Army or am I getting this totally wrong
  5. Some of you just can't take anything seriously can you. It's all a bit of a wind up. Well, when the REME have an AA motif on the corner of their workshop sign and the EOD lads have a Brocks firework sticker you'll be able to say, "that bloke doesn't half get the news early."

    here's an other,

    BSS*: BBC headline claims to discover a Govt inititative in the budget for boiler scrappage incentive scheme.

    (There'll be alot of take up on that from frustrated husbands)
  6. so do the RLC get Eddie Stobart/Mcdonalds/UPS/BP/
  7. Yes, you are. It's not real...
  8. I thought that the British Army had given this idea up in the mid 19th century, when the Army was reorganised and the East India Companys Army taken over be the Government and the puchase of comissions ended
  9. "Hi. I'm Johnson Beharry VC. You may remember me from such operational tours as Kosovo and Iraq. When I've just got out of a contact and back to my patrol base I love nothing more than a nice cold can of Mountain Dew"

    "Mountain Dew - The drink of VC winners!"

    :roll: - How much of a disgrace is it that we are even having to imagine such a bad idea because of government raping of the armed forces government. Anyway, back to the adverts.

    "Hi. I'm Mike The Para Golden................."
  10. Guess that the AGC(SPS) will be sponsored by the RBS and the RMP sponsored by the British pork manufacturers association. The Scaleys will be sponsored by BT. The RAVC will be sponsored by the makers of Animal hospital. RAMC and QARANC will be sponsored by BUPA.
  11. Not a chance. Ginsters or Puka Pies will be in there first
  12. oh you wicked, wicked man :D :D :D that has truly made my day.

    What a day, an RIP thread for a dead communist and this!
  13. Quality! :worship:
  14. So how much of the Sappers plant fleet is actually of JCB origin?

    Out 10 years so not up to specifics of types.
  15. them should be able to clean up
    hk obviously
    ubisoft this hostage resuce brought to you by microsoft xbox360 :twisted:
    might be tough on people who pirate games though :D

    SBS sponsered by ann summers puryerours of fine black rubber toys :twisted: