Chancellor announces expansion of school cadet forces

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Jango_Fett, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. Joint HM Treasury - Ministry of Defence Release

    As someone who works in a state school in a deprived area, I would have been happier if the money had been spent on the existing cadet units in the area, or in schemes such as Skillforce (which does a wonderful job at my school) or the ACF's Outreach Program.

    Imagine having a number of your cadets poached by a brand new, well funded and high profile CCF unit at their school. Irritating, to say the least.
  2. Edited for being more than usually fatuous.
  3. he'll be giving the cadets the old Polaris subs next
  4. Oh, I thought that one was still under wraps until the first Sea Cadet passed the Perisher........
  5. Using irony again Rickshaw. 8) Surely we must all welcome this focus on the armed forces by our future PM. You see, not only a good announcement, but there speaks a man with a view to the recruiting problem, that's really going to have him answering tough questions over the next three years.
  6. will they definately be CCF? My state school had an ACF detachment
  7. .......................Our future PM.................... sorry, having a bit of a concept problem here at the mo'.................. No, sorry, still not working......
  8. Brown envelopes dropping through the letterboxes of 15 year old cadets....Congratulations as part of your Cadet annual camp we will be sending you somewhere very hot and sandy...
    They`ve had a decade to do this, why now. Recruiting and retention problems in the forces....catch `em while they`re young or am I being a little cynical 8)
  9. I don't understand why he's giving the money to the CCF.

    Surely be better spent on kids who actually want to be at the unit and put in 100% than on the CCF private schools who press gang their sprogs into it and so therefore don't give their all.

    Good to see some investment, but IMHO it could have been better spent.
  10. Good idea-we could use them as mobile mine clearing units!
  11. You can sense where this all came from. I'll wager that the essence of this came from a military grown up who will have been seeking increased investment into the cadet forces.
    Increasing finance to properly fund established old units holds no personal glory-
    and some desire that above all things.
    He's launching instead what appears to be a brown err brand new high profile initiative and creating new units (and opening them and gaining respect in the press) rather than quietly and responsibly increasing proper funding to the established cadet services- a 'new deal' merely satisfying the vanity of the 'gentleman'.
    (Well done to the grown up who got him to open the cheque book nonetheless!)
    Joyful days?! When, nationally, did we last have one of those then?!
  12. I welcome the initiative and the money.

    But I cannot help thinking that, somewhere, there is something wrong with this. It's Gordon Brown providing the money....! What's in it for him? Do all cadets end up with an ID card, with iris recognition and their DNA samples stashed away carefully ("just so that if the coach crashed en route to Annual Camp and you were all unfortunately completely incinerated, we would be able to give your parents the correct bits....".

    Something stinks. This politician does not give away money without a large quid pro quo attached to it.

    He'll be kissing babies next.

    I'm just off to look for my tin hat.

  13. my bold

    Read before jumping.

    Why is the question?

    And what school is going to let students run around the playground with weapons?

    How many times have we seen the police all tooled up because a soldier in uniform has been seen with a rifle? Report in this weekend’s paper about the police breaking down a door and cuffing a child seen who was seen with a weapon in his bedroom. Turned out to be a toy.

    The money would be better spent on the existing parts of the cadet s

    And it has just occurred to me, when will they do this, in school time, what will they drop to make room. Will it be compulsory? and what will the parrents say? Is this for the academy schools who got lots of cash and some have a religious bent?

    As i think about this there are a lot of questions, we need more detail.
  14. I was at a state-run school that had a CCF - it's not exclusive to private schools.

    On the otherhand it should only be run as "opt-in". There are certain private schools where they sign a contract stating they have to attend at least one annual camp for CCF or they're not allowed to go to the school. That made my blood boil. I had experience of that with a public school - not a chin or braincell between the lot of them
  15. didnt john major announce something simaler in the 90's that came to nothing or was i sniffing drain cleaner and imagine it