Chance to win some DVDs


We have just created a new site for logging holidays, uploading holiday photos and thought it would be good to get some UK forces pictures up there, would add a different slant to some of the weirder contries to go to. ie my tour in Iraq / Afganistan / Bosnia etc.

The Site is free and i will offer some DVD's for the some of the best photos added.

If it is a we get some good feedback from the competition we will make this a regular competition just for you.

The address is

You can also tell others about the site and have a chance to win a PS2.

Cheers for listening and any feedback would be great
Your link doesnt work


Sounds like a very cuddly web address, sadly it doesn’t seam to be working…
Still looks like a lame site though with the correction changed


Do you have the COs permission to advertise here?

Not a very original site by the way, been done many times before.
Yes he asked us ....

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