Chance to build a WW1 type trench.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by EX_STAB, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. If I made some land available to build a WW1 type Standard Trench, would any Engineers units be interested in doing the work as a training exercise?

    All Arms would be welcome of course.

    PM if necessary.
  2. Do you know something we don't?
  3. May I ask, why do you want a WW1 trench on your land? If it's the wife, I'd just sleep on the couch.
  4. Are you a bit of a WW1 buff then Ex-STAB?

    I hope you post some photos of the end result if you get it built.

  5. Will it be built during the Xmas period? If so, will there be a footy match?
  6. Stab,

    Check out a book called, ' Out Since 14' by John Dixon. Excellent selection of pic's on what your standard trench should look like.

    ISBN 1 874538 09 3
  7. Response! Hey!

    Re-enactors would be welcome to use it. It could be used for documentaries too.

    I'm just knocking some ideas about at the moment.

    I think that building it ( a short stretch - perhaps 30 metres or so) would make an interesting and worthwhile task for the Sappers involved and would make it affordable from my point of view. Everybody wins! (Except the Hun of course! ;) )
  8. Thanks for that, will look it up.

  9. I'd love to help. I bet getting fresh faced toffie-rappers to bag and tag 30 meters of trench would sort out the wheat from the chavs (no, it wasn't a spelling error). Get that pick elv swinging sunshine and if I see one seam, you'll be doing it again!

    Why not request assistance from the local youth detention centre? and no cheating using pre-formed wriggly tin either!!!

    Ah the memories - the blisters!
  10. The Great War Society have (or had because their web site has gone) a trench system up in Yorkshire somewhere. They arranged it with an ex-member who was a farmer and who let them have a corner of his land. Apparently they would all go and spend a weekend living the life as it were.

    I helped when some of their guys came to live shoot SMLEs on a LERA shoot one year; absolute sticklers for detail and an interesteing bunch.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ex, there is a chap ln one of the old mess halls atBisley doing a trench re enactment. If you are interested he is looking for somewhere to build a replica WW1 trench.
    There was one not far from where I live, it is just still visible and was dug as training prior to embarking from Newhaven.
    I attended an old battle range lecture at the HBSA where realistic ranges in trench systems were set up for battle training!
  12. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    You mean this website?

    Yes, a most odd bunch indeed to being insular.

    Now heres' a friendly bunch.
  13. Thanks G-M, I had '' on my link. A visit to the gallery on this site shows some pictures of the trench in question, such as:

    Attached Files:

  14. There is an excellent example of a WW1 trench at the Staffords Regimental Museum in Lichfield. (Next door to ATR). Well worthy of a visit, the kids love it!!