Chance in hell of joining?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Sly_Look, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. Ok, i fucked up before. How's it going to affect my chances of joining?

    I went to uni and studied international relations, in my third year I went and studied in America and had a taste of the army. Spent the year training with the officer cadets out there and loved it, decided I wanted to join when I got back. Then came back and before my final year fucked it up!

    Short story is... Having been away for that year I went on a weeks break with my brother to Prague to drink, eat and catch up. On a night out with a bunch of people from our hostel we got seperated, I ended up walking back alone, and got mugged. STUPIDLY, I fought back. Broke 2 metacarpels, my nose, cracked ribs, split eye, lots of blood on me. No one would help me, so wandered around until I found a main road, thought I would cause an obstruction so eventually the police would get called and would help me. A car stopped, reversed back, then tried to drive OVER me. I jumped on car as it did, ranted and shouted at driver, police arrive shortly.

    Four days in detention center later, I end up in court, judge says because of the nature of my injuries and the fact I can't prove I was mugged the likelihood is I was in a bar fight and had made up the story. Hits me with 6month suspended prison and deportation. Criminal Record for 7 years. (Had the right to appeal, but would have involved me staying in Czech Republic, in prison, with no new evidence.... decided against it)

    So.... it's 5 and a half years later (no further criminal incidents, and there were no prior criminal instances) and I have tried civvy life and done well (Currently the direct line manager for 140 people) but it's not satisfying.

    I wanted to be an officer, but know that ship has sailed now. The question I've to ask then is what chance I've got of joining Int Corps. as a soldier with my background? First ACIO wasn't even interested in discussing what had happened, just said it will be when record is spent. I'd still be within the age limits to join Int Corps, but would I be able to? If not, what would you suggest as an option?
  2. six month supended sentence for being in a bar fight, when you were arrested on a roadside.

    Who had you committed a crime against? Im interested but completely unable to offer better advice thatn the ACIO you have already spoken to.
  3. The person driving the car I jumped on and ranted at. Criminal damage and affray.... 6 month suspended.

    I accept I was in the wrong and made a mistake but seems hugely disproportionate.

    I probably wasn't helped by there being a Welsh football game the day I was there and (tragically) having to admit I was from Wales, which added further prejudice to their views.
  4. They don't have affray in the Czech Republic.
  5. I am in the same position as Pillager but have a question - what do you have to offer the Int Corps as an OR?
  6. Gash lash up and SERE after nausing the locals skills I'd say.
  7. BossDog - My CRB check says otherwise. I was charged with 'rioting' as an offense out there, and I don't know what happened as the proceedings were in Czech (which I don't speak), but my CRB now says criminal damage and affray as oppose to rioting.

    Charm_city - I've a 2:1 degree in international relations, I've won an academic award for my final year dissertation, I've very good fitness levels, I've strong managerial experience, I've strong soft skills with experience in voluntary sectors (ChildLine counsellor, voluntary youth worker, mentor in youth offending scheme). Don't know if these skills marry up with requirements, but it's what I have.
  8. Good stuff - see PM
  9. "I've a 2:1 degree in international relations"

    I'd be more worried about balancing that against "rioting in Prague"
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  10. The irony is wonderful. You should go for Officer. :)

    Best of luck.
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  11. This is all good stuff. However it will be more than cancelled out with a guilty plea to criminal damage and a public order offence, fuelled by drunkenness. It is a fact that offenders often try to "minimise" their offending. I'm not saying that you have done so, however if I was recruiting you I would obtain the "statement of facts" from Prague, on which you will have based your guilty plea. Plus any Consulate reporting if you sought support whilst in custody. If you work in the voluntary sector with vulnerable young people and children, as you say, then I would ask if you disclosed your offending at the point of conviction, to the employing organisations. If you didn't then I would ask why not, as there is a clear issue around integrity. This takes no account of your judgement, getting pi55ed in Prague, getting in a fight, jumping on someones car etc etc. Any military employment requiring security clearances demands a certain amount of integrity and judgement. In the current economic climate, why would they take the risk?
  12. I accept that I've done wrong and that I'm guilty of an offence, however I think there is considerable context, perhaps thats the way I'm minimasing my offence? I'm not sure.

    Yes I've always disclosed my convictions to the various organisations that I've worked or volunteered for and where I've been able to have discussions about it I've been fortunate that they understand and accept. It's been important that I do as I've always had to do CRB checks with those organisations so they would have discovered it if I had not.
  13. Why did you reveal it in the first place it in czech no-one would know
  14. It does show up on my background check as a conviction
  15. Have you had any other security czechs?
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