Chance Encounter

At the minute i'm working part time as a porter in a hospital.

I was strutting about doing my stuff, when i overheard a cleaner talking to a patient about when he used to play for Rangers (FC). I already knew he played for them a while ago but my curiosity took me into have a chat with the guy and find out a bit more. Hes pushing on a bit now.

I went in and was chatting away to him, when he said he transfered to Rangers in 1934 and played with them until he was conscripted. When i heard he was conscripted my ears perked up and i immediately asked him what he was conscripted into. He informed me that he was taken under the wing of The Kings Own Scottish Borders. He then went on to say that he was evacuated from dunkirk and then went back to normandy on d-day via sword beach. He said by this time though, his unit was now a 'medical rehabilitation' unit and that he helped treat wounded on the beach after the invasion.

I asked him if he was proud of what he had done and i kid you not, this was his responce:

"i'd be more proud if i'd been getting paid the wages they get nowadays!... i got £8 a week!"

I had a chuckle to myself over his responce.

How this has completely changed the way I'll look at him, as before now he was simply another patient. I'll go back and speak to him tomorrow.
these old boys have some exelent stories in them , I enjoy buying a pint or two for them and sitting back for an evenings entertainment, shame a lot of the WW2 vets are gone but theres plenty of later stuff, some funny, some sad and the rest to give you nightmares.
yeh, i could see in his face he was enjoying talking about it... if only to have someone to talk to.

I think he realised i was interested fairly early on and was fairly proud to be in a position to talk about it. He said he was in 4th battalion K.O.S.B and because i've got some knowledge of regiments I immediately knew what he was on about. I think this cheered him up a bit as he wasnt talking to a wall.

I was actually busy at the time so couldnt stay for very long, but as i was leaving he asked me if i was working and i said yes. I'll go back tomorrow and have a chat with him again, i get the feeling theres a lot more he could be telling me!
He must have held some decent rank as my old dads weekly pay as a Cpl attached to the DLI on D-day was around £3 if I remember correctly.
exile1 said:
Oh...sorry, just realised he was talking about his football wages????

good point, could be... i dont know what wages he was talking about. He was an ordinary conscript so im guessing it would have been his football wages.

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