Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by TARE, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. Ive just been given CHAMPIX tablets by the doc to stop smoking. Ive been on them 2 days now but Ive to continue smoking for another couple of days.

    My question is has anyone else tried these tablets and If so what were they like?
  2. why don't you just use a little thing called will power?
  3. Who is he?

    You still need it with the tablets. I was more wondering about the long list of side effects that seem to come with the tablets.
  4. Which are?
  5. On the sheet it says:

    Drowsiness/inability to sleep
    headache,abnormal dreams

    are the common ones.

    Then lists the less common including heart attack,depression and suicidal thoughts.

    Also I may have an increased menstrual flow (That should be interesting)

    So no change really
  6. Friend of mine took these and became noticeably depressed and miserable, apparently it's a common side effect.
  7. Nice post for your first one tetrafin.... welcome
  8. No you don't! Not at all! It's just easier with tablets.
    As for the side effects; are you usually affected by them? For example are with taking over the counter drugs such as paracetamol, do you often suffer from the side effects? It often (not always) follows a trend, those who are more susceptable to side effects will often be more susceptable to other drugs as well, not proved, just observed.

    Is this your first attempt at quitting? I tried to quit before joining up but as soon as I was in I started up again. Apparantly the more you attempts you make at kicking the habit the harder it gets, I'm dreading it!
  9. Ive not had any side effects as I have just started on these but wanted to know other peoples opinions or experiences.
    I do wont to stop but all help is needed.
    I agree with Jarrod about continuation as I stopped for a couple of years and then started again (blamed the job).