Champions League Last 8 Draw

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by no1cares, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. Game 1 - AC Milan vs Bayern Munich

    Game 2 - PSV Eindhoven vs Liverpool

    Game 3 - AS Roma vs Man U

    Game 4 - Chelsea vs Valencia

    AC Milan to win the cup. :numberone:
  2. Happy days I'll take that!
  3. I would bet on us beating Valencia and Liverpool beating PSV, which means us two meeting in the semi's - then its anybody's guess. Utd should beat Roma, and AC will get the better of Bayern. Im not sure Utd will get passed AC, so I reckon AC and either Liverpool or Chelsea final.
  4. Liverpool Vs Chelsea... It just had to happen!!
  5. wonder if you lot will whinge as much as you did in 05, when we knock you out again :)
  6. You've got to get past Valencia first!
  7. One game at a time CR mate, but I'm looking forward to wiping the smug it's our trophy grin off Liverpool Red Sock's face ...

  8. Liverpool V Man Utd final - now that would be a match. Think I'll put a fiver on that.
  9. it would be typical for liverpool to lose to PSV, having knocked out the european champions.

    to be honest, the only team i was worried about facing was chelsea. just because you're our bogey team, not cos you're any good. but i'm quite happy to take you in the semis. you tend to crumble under pressure ;)
  10. Anyone bar AC Milan as the tatty munchers fae Glasgow (Celtic) will say they almost beat them last night and they will go on about it just like that little known victory in 66.

  11. Who did Celtic draw in the last round? :jocolor:

    Come on England dont support any of them domestically but man I support them all in Europe!!
  12. Celtic Sadly (not) went out of europe on Tuesday night to AC Milan..........sad that :yawnstretch:

  13. Fairly pleased but dont think our squad is strong enough to get past a semi with Milan. Hate to say it but I think Chelski will be in the final for sure, dont think Rafa will outwit Mourinho second time around. Wish Fergie had bought another striker but id sacrifice Europe for another league title without doubt though!