Champions League draw.

Arsenal will be by far the happier of the clubs, followed closely by Chelsea! Fantastic news about vidic missing the opening game against Inter due to his red card in the 'worthless world club' trophy!

My prediction is for Liverpool to go out at this stage.
intergeri said:
Looking forward to the game against Man U although Inter have been a bit "ropey" in the Champions League so far this season.
A bit?

FFS, thats an understatement. I watched them struggle to get a draw with Famagusta.
They're not playing much better in Serie A although to look at the table you'd think they were stomping it but there's been a lot of last minute or slightly dubious goals. I'm not entirely convinced about Mourinho yet, I think he's a good manager but not sure if he's suited to Inter. Sorry way too much wine and babbling now :oops:

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