Finally after 4 years!

Come on lets have some credit!

We played the best football this year and credit to Fergie for pulling it out of the bag yet again!

Glory glory Man United!

Glory glory Man United!

Glory glory Man United!

As the Reds go marching ON ON ON!!

:D :D :D
Yes, yes, yes . . . . You seem flushed and excited.

But what, exactly, does CHAMPIONEEZ!!!! mean? :?

Have you been drinking? 8)
Taz_786 said:
You're obviously not a footy fan then!

I find your exuberance infectious, mate. :D :p

But in My Day one didn't play footer is there wasn't an R in the month. :x

Or am I hopelessly out of date? (Probably . . . . . 8) :roll: 8O )
Top job Taz - well played all season and deserved Champions. Should get a proper reception on Wednesday night
Try 121 Bloody Long years of trying to reach the Promised Land of Top Flight English Football and then we may start to sympathise with your Oh! so long! 4 years without winning the Title!

But, Yes, Gripe Over - Well Done all the same... Well Deserved to hold on for 6 months with the $$$$ of Chelski up your ARRSE the whole Season!

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