Chally2 for sale! £3700 in full working order!

Discussion in 'RAC' started by EX_STAB, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. And for the more discerning Tankie

    The Chief

    Have a look at the pics and see how many faults you can find 8O
  2. class The Chally 2 does look the mutts nuts, to save the MOD money they should buy these and I could crew them, lol. As I am a 1/6th scale soldier.


    P.S before you smart arrses get in there yes I get my kit from Action Man!!!!
  3. Are the tracks designed for Immelmann turns?
  4. No exhausts coming out the rear @ 90 degrees. Did the gun crutch ever stow downwards?
  5. Well spotted on the exhausts A S S, I missed those 3.

    Here's a few pointers, look at the right hand track and the road wheels, what's wrong with them?

    Lights,front and rear,same question :(
  6. Spotters...
  7. Write or email them about their mistakes: Being Japanese or Chinese companies they'll probably take some poor t**t out and shoot him for inattention :D
  8. Right Hand track is on the wrong way round!

    Headlights, 1 should be IR not both as headlights.

    Only thing i can see with the roadwheels is they are smooth dished and cheiftain had a ridge around the dish which used to hold water/ mud/ the drivers pish etc!!
  9. Agreed 3k on a toy :? ..... knobbers
  10. Best mistake on the Chieftain model pictured is one of the tracks is on backwards! Look at the large image with a frontal view and compare the tracks - you will see what I mean. :)
  11. All the points mentioned I passed to the maker (Kenny Kong) when the first version came out and that was bad. To be fair they have changed a lot, but the tracks and headlights jump straight out. yes the crutch did use to hang down like that till the later one arrived.

    In fact that is the first version, other points look at the pins coming out in the rear shot and the height of the wading rail lip around drivers cab
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Good on you lads, without spotters people will grow up thinking the yanks did everything whilst we put the kettle on!
  13. Okay here's my two penath, the RH might well be on different to the LH one but it isn't on wrong or backwards! Cast your minds back and you'll remember that we had to have the track on backwards like the LHS because we'd rip the fcuk out of the 'Hun's' roads FFS, ISTR if the 'Red Horde' had ever threatened to go anywhere near the IGB one of the many things we would have had to do was turn all the tracks around so they had a bit more bite which might have given us a bit more speed..................with the L60 I don't think so!!! :D
  14. guns not in the gun crutch,, only chiefy ive ever seen with the gun kit working..