Chally penetrated by RPG-29

Discussion in 'RAC' started by spank_the_monkey_to_death, May 19, 2007.

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  2. Old news from media scum who havent a clue :evil:
  3. So it's not entirely accurate then? Typical media!
  4. There are threads already open on this topic which go into some detail that there is a NEED TO KNOW basis.
  5. I agree. I was one of the ones who didn't believe it but I agree with you that speculation could risk other lives. We don't know who is reading this.

    I'll say one thing though - Trooper * will not have been forgotten by the army. He's from my regiment and one call to HHQ would ensure he was well looked after. If we're man enough to organise the largest (by far) deputation to the 150th anniversary of the Charge of the Light Brigade and raise funds for a damaged memorial in Dublin from 91 years ago, I can assure you we're more than capable of looking after one of our own today - when he needs us.
  6. If you care to nip over to Tanknet there are links to photos of the RPG29. It's immense.
  7. Why don't the media just print a list of possible weak points in British armour, preferably in Arabic, so thaqt the insurgents are properly briefed on how to attack them. Anyone who thinks that any tank is 100% proof against attack is living in afools paradise. CR2 is a good tank, better than most but obviously it has weaknesses . It is unfortunately not being used in the role that it was designed for.
  8. There are websites/chatrooms in the US where such things were being openly discussed.

    There was a discussion on how to improve characterisitcs to "overcome facetted armour".

    It was easy to discern from the syntax and sentence construction that english wasn't their first language and yet this colonial cuz was helping them with equations and theories. Real neighbourly!
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    Let's not do it here.
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  11. Thirded.
  12. fourthded...
  13. Contary to the Nike advert, just don't do it.
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    Narrowed down on the salient points.
  15. That RPG isn't exactly an egg-chucker either.