Chally 1 questions

grey_mafia said:
PE4rocks said:
grey_mafia said:
Actually, if you really want the model to look 'lifelike'.
You mean this sort of thing?



YOU CALL THAT ACCURATE!! Anybody can see that one of the intake louvre bolts isn't correctly tightened! :wink:
That is an impressive skill this modeller has. I tried to make a model of my CR1 once, 'Johnny aged five' could have done better... :lol:[/quote]

I know, I got a substantial refund when I pointed out to the old fool the track problems:
1.No studs. FFS!
2.Nuts not torqued correctly.

He, being a slimy old sod, pleaded that he was in TWAs by the time they came into service in the RAC, and was not therefore trained. Tosser.

I have the same level of skills as your good self, so the only option is to 'get a man in'.

He has also done a rather fine model of my MK1 FSC, wot I had for about three years.

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