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Discussion in 'RAC' started by StumpyHussar, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. I'm building the Tamiya Challenger 1 model at the mo I've got the etched bits and the excellent conversion from the firm Castoff which has the correct coffin bin for the mark 3 as well as the baskets full of kit.

    When I was in we never painted the butterfly. This is the towing adaptor fitted to all tanks which was left in it's gold colour, did/does everyone do this?

    The Mk 3 I got back (in 1991) from the first Iraq war never had the extended external tanks was it a Mk 3 (it had the dozer hole on the front which I used an acid test) when were they adpoted in BAOR?

    In the 80's on test we tried an antenna with a white ball n top fitted the gun crutch bracket to help the commander when reversing closed down, did this ever take off?
  2. I dont think the armoured plug at the front is an acid test of a Mk3. I heard somewhere that these were fitted to various batchs as they came off the line, and I think were intended for the 2 or 3 per regiment that were intended to carry the dozer, or maybe the mineplow (which doesnt appear to have been procured or the Challenger). So in theory I think you could have a Mk1 mk2 or a mk3 fitted with the blade.

    I think that the difference between the MK2 and Mk3 was the fitting of armoured charge bins. Mk2 would be uparmoured and Mk3 uparmoured with ACB. Anyone positive on this point?
  3. From what I recall from my CR 1 days .The butterfly was never painted.Also I think each sqn had one dozer blade fitted usually on 0D SHQ troop sgts wagon.Not sure what other units did .
  4. IIRC seen them painted but as they are classed as lifting tackle they shouldn't be!
  5. MK3's had the armoured bins, we also had the ant with the ball on top to aide reversing. Correct on the butterfly, along with all of the towing gear, not to be painted. So we just covered them in hessin. Other storage mods, were for the slave lead, coiled up on the front with a flat bar held in place by a bolt. That came back from the D&M school, when lads went on course, later on an official mod were for the track tensioning kit, to be stowed on top of the turret, behind the copula. I only saw that on one tank mind you. I thought all CR1's could have the extra fuel drums fitted?
  6. Fitted to CR2, and no the butterfly should not be painted
  7. [/quote]I thought all CR1's could have the extra fuel drums fitted?[/quote]

    When we first got them in the 80's none had them fitted at all. We had two jerry-can stowage brackets on the back instead much better than two 45 gallon drums I'm sure 8O

    I'd forgotten about the armoured charge bins and you're right that would be more of an indictation of a later mark.

    Thanks for your replies chaps much appreciated.
  8. The Mk 3 also had the P4.108 APU introuduced with new solid state gen panels. This made it a pain to work on because of the new armd charge bins. I'm not sure if the MECU was relocated as well (All inside stuff though). The external fuel drums were fitted for Granby. I recall having two tanks per Sqn fitted with dozer blades. One was OD and I think for us the second was either 22 or 32..
  9. Can anyone recall, were there any software or hardware upgrades fitted before operation Granby? I cant help but note there appears to be a number of additions to the manual in this area dated 1990/1991, though none related to the charge bins and uparmour.

    StumpyHussar, there is an Osprey book on modelling the Challenger1 and 2, and a good list on colour guides and upgrade sets. The other book they do on Challenger1 by Simon Dunstan is also well worth getting. Good luck on the project.
  10. Feck me them models look the dogs bollox, however over 200 notes for the Scimmy! mind you the jerrycan isnt in the right place :D
  11. Mind you, that one is big enough to make motorised (I think its 1/16 scale). Most model kits at the moment are 1/35. A Scimitar in that scale is almost Matchbox :(

    SH, I do recall there is a company out there on the net who sells linkable tracks made in metal for the Tamiya Challenger1. Pity accurate armour dont make any, their Resin ones for the Chieftain were excellent.
  12. The catch with Accurate Armour is that they have kits which are made of resin and white metal, as opposed to the more traditional injection-moulded plastic. This accounts for their extreme price.

    They also take more than a little skill to build. I've got their Strv-103C, but haven't had the courage to try it yet. On the other hand, if you want something like a Conqueror, they're your best bet.

  13. The quality is also considerably superior. Ive the Tamiya Challenger 2, and its very good. But the AA one not only has a far superior Resin track, but they also model the Anti slip coating, which is not present on any Tamiya kits as far as I know. And its not like Tamiya kits are very cheap these days anyway.

    You pay though the nose for them, but well worth it I think. And its a British company that still makes tanks, why not support it?
  14. We all had to upgrade to the MK3 before Granby, we took the HCAV's wagons. One bulldozer mod per troop, most wagons had the Jerrycans fitted to the rear skirting plates, as there was no room on the turret. We started this mod during up-armouring in theatre. we were bollocked by the EME, then it was adopted throughout the Regiment....
    When you say 'Coffin Bins' is that the old Ferret bins mounted on the Turret? CH1 stowage was pretty awful, and no CH1 Model would be complete, without a ferret bin bolted to the left hand side of the turret, two Cheiftain long bins bolted to the rear of the hull, and an OMD80 can (fashioned into a makeshift toilet) hanging off the non-painted 'butterfly' at the arrse end... Happy days...