Challenges in Life

Okeys. I have decided that there are things I want to do before I die.

I've seen the sun rise in the east (Hua Hin), I've been photographed with the German equivalent of Man Scum (for a bet), I'm a cricket umpire, I've been a complete cunt with my brother (Kum by Arr), I've been married and divorced, I've surfed at Scarborough, I've got been shot at, I've got a shite load of medals, I've been to an Eastenders Charity Cricket Match*, I've met a few of the reprobates from here (there may or may not have been drink involved), and I'm going to see Never Mind the Buzzcocks (I'll win), I can do "ooeeooeeooo" with my hands, I can "two finger whistle" as in - oy shitelips.

The thing that gets me is. I can't snap my fingers with my right hand. My left hand, fine and dandy, the right one - naaa - it's like a thud thud thud.

Help me out.

* more details to follow about the ARRSE V Easties.
I’ve been to been to Nice and the Isles of Greece but I’ve never cum up your bottom, I’m just trying to help :boogie:
Ah bin everywhere, man......
cbgramc said:
Even up slugs wrong un Mat?

Um, ah bin (almost) everywhere, man!

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