Challenges and Implications for the Future Joint Force

It is an interesting study

Russia’s future remains as uncertain as its past
has been tragic.
The nature of the current
Russian regime itself also carries
significant concerns. To a considerable extent its leaders
have emerged from the old KGB. Thus, their education
and bureaucratic culture have inculcated them with a
ruthlessness that recalls their predecessors, but without
their ideological fervor
while many of its European neighbors
have almost completely disarmed, the Russians have
begun a military buildup
At present there is a dangerous combination
of paranoia - some of it justified considering Russia’s
history - nationalism, and bitterness at the loss of what
many Russians regard as their rightful place as a great
power. It was just such a mixture, along with a series
of unfortunate events that drove Nazi Germany on its
ill-thought-out course.

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