Challenger v m1a1

Discussion in 'RAC' started by down_under, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. I saw a program on pay tv last night dealing with how the yanks deal with their old abrams and I have gotta say I was impressed. They haven't built a new tank since 1993. What is the situation with the Brits in relation to old tanks? Do you do the same. I realise the Challenger 2 is quite new, but would you rebuild or recondition? On a personal note I believe the Australlian Army bought the wrong MBT and should have gone for the Challenger 2. My humble opinion. Would love some feedback... remember fellas I am a ground dweller and really have no knowledge of MBT's, so be gentle. What is the considered opinion,(bias aside), of the M1A1 v Challenger 2?
  2. Depends on the mileage, how many previous owners, service hostory, spec, HPI checks. You wouldn't want a new one. They lose thousands as soon as you take them out of the showroom.
  3. By the sound of it you know as much as me :D
  4. Wot ee sed. Plus, the available colours are appalling.

    Road Tax is a killer as well, after the Jock gits last effort.
  5. Park wherever you want, though.
  6. Good point. Well made.
  7. The Aust Army (we!? - still can't get used to that) only bought the M1A1 due to 2 reasons;

    1. To stick to fingers up at the Poms (Dad).
    2. To be compatible with the Yanks (Big bro) in the highly unlikely event that any Aust Govt decide to send a BG with some punch.

    Oh, and someone's just remembered that now we have them we may need to move them at some point - bugger we'd better buy some low loaders too!!

    For the record - we had a visit from Comd 1 Div the other day - he was harping on about "real clout in Darwin" - Bless his cottons.

    And you are right - the Chally is a far better bit of kit, and it would fit on the train - again always helpful when you want to move it, although track milage doesn't seem to be too much of an issue here yet.

    One more thing - how the bloody hell do they propose anyone's going to keep up with the things on the "battlefield" - in M113!! Do me a favour.
  8. You'll have to get used to it OD, cause you made the decision and the move and are now serving on operations with your new country. I reckon we bought the Abrams is simply down to the ANZUS Treaty. End of the day though I couldn't give a shite where the coffin came from, so long as it performs. I was just interested in some horses mouth knowledge on the subject at hand. By the way... welcome to the Aussie Army Digger, me ole china. :D :D :D
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm not sure about running costs - can you use red diesel in these?
  10. You don't have tow ropes in the Aussie Army then?
  11. See this thread:

    There are some serious comments buried in there from time to time.

    As for the Aussie tank, I'm not entirely sure why you went with AIMS as opposed to M1A2/A2SEP unless it really was just a cost issue.

    I actually go on my AIMS conversion course this summer, my unit uses plain old Heavy Commons right now, I'll see just how many -practical- differences there are. The usual sales literature about x13 FLIR or whatever doesn't usually address things like the driver's interface panel or diagnostics procedures... I'll get back to you in July when I get back!

  12. M1A1 tyo many bells and whistles. just like an arcade game on tracks. The aussies should have got chally as its more of a mans tank and it has been battle tested succesfully unlike should we break down again M1A1 8O
  13. Of course we rebuild tanks. It's called "Backloading". They go back to Vickers to get the gunge scraped off and are rebuilt with the latest mods as newer marks.
  14. Edited for accuracy.
  15. GDav you are a tad out of date Vickers is now BAE land systems and has been for at least 2 year who actually procured the company from Alvis Vickers the after runners of Vickers. As for base overhaul that is completed by ABRO and MODS are carried out by BAE or Subcontracted Defence firms and completed by a mobile team ie BOWMAN or CTCS Mods. A large amount of these mods being completed at Ashchurch.