Challenger Troop

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. Challenger Troop runs a youth inclusion programme for disaffected and disengaged young people
    between the ages of 10 and 16. It offers the opportunity to develop personal skills through
    challenging activities in a disciplined outdoor environment.

    right chaps/doris' a good mate of mine, ex-corps 22yrs full screw, helps to run this fine cause & is on the scrounge for any old/buckshee military eqpt.

    tentage, cam nets, command task stores, etc.................

    no requirement for any extra kids, or he could have my three.

    if you may be able to help out in any way please drop me a pm.

    i will be trying to source at chilwell next week.

    cheers people.

  2. where is your scratcher permanently dug??
  3. chilwell.
  4. i may have come across a spare 18 x 24 however the 30 jungle knives
    ill be keeping for our upcoming trip to the j
    will need a freight address or should i address it to wobbly bob chilwell :wink:

    oh and the 2 man yank marine tents are about to be tested
    if you know what i mean :D
  5. knew i could rely on you mate.

    check pm's.

  6. how bout some surplus rig?? not alot like just few sets of green kit and some shit i got issued?? norgies and such
  7. will ask.
  8. check pm's
  9. hey can i ask stuff like this for my cadets?
  10. there were resources for cadets as i remember, when i was a cadet instructor.
  11. anyone got any old clag they are wanting shot of????
  12. 8) Nice one. Is your mucka still after bits-and-bobs? :D
  13. yeah most definitely.
  14. right people i am away on a jolly for a few months so the person you need to contact is



    cheers for all your help.