Challenger naming competition

Discussion in 'RAC' started by busted_CAT_79, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone remember the exact year that the Army ran the competition to pick the name of the MBT that would replace Chieftain, i think it was 1980-81ish?
  2. No
    But I won the competition in the REME Craftsman magazine, to name the CRARRV -- RHINO for the REME 50th parade celebrations @ sennelager 1992, I won £10 & a free weekend back in germany staying at 4 armd wksp detmold. now thats my claim to fame,

  3. John

    Check you out in your flasher mac, bet the kept the womwn & children away from you wearing that - lol

  4. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I would have said 79-80ish.

    Edited cos I thought of something worth adding.

    The Order that came round the RAC regiments touting for names described how the Shah had ordered 1200 tropicalised Chieftains, renamed Shir Iran (Lion of Persia), then Chobham armour had come along and the order had been revised that the tropicalised Chieftains were to feature Chobham armour, so the order was changed the the delivered tanks would be Shir Iran 2 (usually shortened to Shir 2).

    Then the Ayatollahs took over, the order was cancelled and 1200 tropicalised Chieftains with nowhere to go needed to be put to good use, so they decided to detropicalise them (how ironic is that with the benefit of hindsight?) and replace Chieftain on the cheap.

    I suppose being able to remember the date of the overthrow of the Shah would make the whole game a lot easier.
  5. Why was the name changed from Cheviot to Challenger?
  6. I thought it was changed from Cotswold :?
  7. Prolly somfink to do with this, innit;

  8. Iranian revolution was late 1978/early 1979. Shah fled in January, Khomeni returned early February.

    The mullahs did - briefly - consider fulfilling some of the outstanding orders for kit (including F-16s and F-18s), but cancelled a fair number (no dealings with infidels) or had them cancelled for them. I would guess that the Shir Iran 2 order would've gone in 79, and am pretty certain it had been binned by the time some gentlemen of Herefordshire burned down the Iranian embassy...
  9. It says Cheviot in Wikipedia?

    The thick plottens?? :wink:
  10. Remember: anybody can change things in Wikipedia!!

    Now there is an idea, "three quarter Lancers" anybody - lol

  11. can they have an entry in wikipedia when they don't exist? Although on reflection you're probaly right 'cos most of wikipedia is a work of fiction.
  12. & the hairy arrse A mechs lol
  13. Always made me wonder this one too.

    As what most squaddies would call a Chally 1 in reality should be a Chally 2 and so on and so forth. Cruiser tanks (and MBT's) since just before WWII have always had a name beginning with the letter C to denote Cruiser, famous old beasts such as Crusader, Cromwell, Comet, Centurion etc all the way to what we have now.

    Just a shame not many remember the WWII tank named Challenger, which was itself essentially a lengthened Cromwell with an enlarged turret ring, enabling the wagon to mount a 17pdr gun. During its introduction in 1943 it was the only western allies tank that could take on the bigger German panzers (Tiger, Panther etc) with a hope of a 1st round knock out. The Challenger was itself quickly phased out for the more favoured Sherman Firefly - again armed with the classic 17pdr.

    I will get my Anorak on my way to the door. :wink:
  14. Of course the doo-dah in the woodpile is the Churchill which was more of an infantry tank without the Christie suspension cruiser tanks yet still retained the 'C'!

    I do trains as well!