Challenger Mk.2 Dozer - Operation Telic

Not sure if this is the right place but my nephew has recently purchased a plastic model kit of a Challenger Mk.2. He'd like to know if any Challenger Mk.2s were used during Operation Telic with a dozer blade on the front. His kit is one which is identified as having been used in KFOR but he'd like to build it for Iraq instead.

The other problem he has is that it seems none of the commercially available "desert yellow" paints match that actually seen on pictures of Challengers in Iraq. Does anybody know the correct shade?

My apologies if this is in the wrong place!
Thank you! That answers the first question. Anybody able to answer the second?

On the topic of Dozers being used during Operation Telic, I assume the fitting of the dozer pickup points on the lower glacis necessitated the removal of the additional armour kit which was normally fitted there?
Never seen a CR2 Dozer kit yet. Deployed on Telic with CR2 and we never had any dozer tanks. In fact i can't remember seeing a dozer pack for MBT since Chieftain.
AVRE and CRARRV were used for moving things out of the way on Telic and a CET can dig a hull down position in a fraction of the time it would take a dozer tank to do it.
As for the shade of yellow, i would not call it yellow but more of a putrid sandy colour. Lots of photos in the Telic section of the ARRSE gallery to get the shade right. I have seen a very similar shade of sand made for models of old Africa Corps vehicles, so give that a go.
If i recall from my TANK days ok it was Challenger 1 , but the wagon
with the blade was always c/s 0D this being the SHQ troop sgts wagon .
There hasn't been a C/S 0D in a tank Sqn for a few years now.

There certainly were Challenger 2s with dozer blades (BEMA) deployed on Op TELIC (1) back in 2003. Not sure how many, but I assume one per Sqn.

Not sure on the paint shade, other than I understand that some Regts/Sqns painted their tanks in the desert so that the paint stuck and so ended up an even colour, while others painted theirs in snow in Germany so that the paint never dried properly and the tanks ended up "a bit patchy".
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