Challenger II, SA80, Chinooks in ice!!!!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by jcarver007, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. This may be of interest to any serving or retired who are having a birthday, wedding, or officer/sergeants mess party etc.

    I have been specialising in military themed ice sculptures especially for the Army Royal Navy and RAF. These have mostly been for officers mess parties in the form of Royal Marines cap badge, RN Frigate, Challenger II tanks, SA80's, Pegasus,Hercules (RAF Lyneham), Chinooks, Talevera Sphinx, Spitfires (RAF Northolt) and ski jumps (RAF Odiham JSFAW). All have been carved by hand and have a channel running through the ice to pour champagne or vodka through, chilling it in the process!!! They look amazing as a centrepiece but the added bonus is you get absolutely hammered on them as well.

    For more information on what we have done previously e-mail XXXX XXXX. Available throughout UK and flown overseas. 20% discount for most repeat orders for friends family,colleagues and associated regiments.
  2. how about some photos??
  3. Good point. Its hard to visualise what they are like without a pic so here goes. This one was for a party in central London and had a channel (luge)running through it to pour champagne, vodka etc. Any weapon or vehicle can be carved in ice and be a luge. I sometimes do demos at Aldershot but can do them at any base if there is interest. E-mail is

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  4. very impressive! 8)
  5. Very impressive.
    I've seen a lot of ice scupture but the ones on your web site are very very good :D
    Definitely bookmark able site for all PMC's
  6. This one is

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  7. Now that IS coool.
  8. Ha! I've just noticed my unintended pun.
  9. How much does something like that cost?
  10. Well a challenger II would be around £390 +vat and delivery. An SA80 would be £275 and a ski jump only £165. But what we say to people and regiments is that they get 20% discount for repeat orders. So in effect if 1st Queens Dragoon Guardsman knew one of the Kings Royal Hussars had had a Challenger, they would then get the discount.

    The thing is these aren't just for big events or balls but the smaller ones are good for any party.

    Thanks again for the interest. :D
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Good drills, erm, cuts? Keep up the good work.
  12. That sound fairly reasonable actually. I can imagine the effort that might go in. Especially for a bespoke item.

    The Butler is spot on; this is a cracking idea for something different at a dinner night. I wonder how the cost of a decent ice centre might compare to flowers...
  13. £390 plus delivery, now that's good however would i get a discount if you were to send it by second class post? Surely it would melt? Or is it like IKEA where you send out a couple of bags of ice cubes and you have self assemble from a photo of a tank. that could be tricky :D

    Good work fella, webpage on favourites
  14. HAHA, Not bad Donkeydick. I can do you a deal on a self assembly main Battle tank with 52,000 individual ice cubes and shavings to assemble, just needs ice glue - aka water. No return of sale!!! :D

    As for comparing ice sculpture luge with flowers - you can't get drunk on flowers.

    Once did a torso for a lesbian couple. They wanted two holes, one in a breast and one between legs to pour the drink through then an extra one at the backside for the baileys!!! .....Grim. Not going to attach a pic of that one.....
  15. Better be careful though, skin has a tendancy to stick to ice!