Challenger Dozer tanks.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by StumpyHussar, Jul 16, 2006.

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  1. Thought I'd open a different topic on this rather than lose it in the Chieftain one. In 91 we were in Munster and once the 1st unpleasantness was over my troop was given 2 Mk1 Challies and a MK 3. As troop Sgt I snaffled the MK3 for myself (not sure what the difference was mind but hey-ho). My 12 year old troop leader did question this though "Sgt Stumpy, as the troop leader (sic) shouldn't I have the best tank?". I replied " well sir you have, the Challenger marks are backwards and the lower the number the better the tank. I'm only having this to stop you and Cpl Fcuknuts being inconvenienced". "Cripes Sgt Stumpy you're sooo good can I touch you?". "Not right now sir theres troopers to beast".

    The only visible difference you could see was a round cover on the front of the tank which the REME told me was for a dozer fitting. Has anyone used a dozer on the Challenger? As the first Regiment to get them I never saw any but have they become general issue? if so how many are issued to each regiment? Are they any good? The CV12 MUST make a difference.
  2. In `90/91 I had the joy of driving a CR1 with a dozer blade , and a mine plough plus lane marking system(when extended the lane marking system made it look like the starship enterprise) whilst at ATDU , got to do several demos ploughing and digging it was lots of laughs the end of the demo involved hitting a car at a fair speed with the dozer blade in the travelling position (took ages to get it all out , bits of the car that is).
    The additional power made digging and ploughing much easier for the CR1 than chieftan
    Dont know if they became general issue but they did utilise the hatch/hole in the front for the power connections.
    I have some pics but unfortunately they are in storage at the moment.
  3. I remember being in a Chally with a dozer fitted. Bovi '91.

    Sat in the gunners seat as the driver "Jacko" smashed into a mound and my face smashed into the sight.

    Oh the joy...
  4. Whoops!
  5. Only on a slight tangent, my friend off my mechanical engineering course has just got a job with piersons engineering. They produce all sorts of ploughs mine ploughs and mine rollers for armoured vehicles. They produce a lot of things for UK and US army.

    on there website you can find their products and usually a video or cad picture of it. Worth a look if your interested in tanks.

  6. Just had a look at the pearson web site and it was their kit we demonstrated started with the mine plough and lane marker and then switched the plough for the dozer blade .
    It all seemed good kit .
    It was allways a good laugh on the sales team jobs lots of free pub lunches and other freebies.
  7. As i recall it was always 0D that had the blade........pretty good for flattening the ground before the bivi came out!
  8. Yep, It is supposed to be one per Sqn and in theory fitted to a Tp Cpl's wagon. They ruin the ground clearance but do work reasonably well. However as we are not trained in their use and ..... Health and Safety......... Blah.... Blah.... Blah...... we cannot actually fit them to any vehicles so they make very nice hangar sized door stops:)
  9. They were using them on Telic 7 - very nice for flattening piles of dirt at the roadside.
  10. Had them on kosovo fitted to chally2, caused a fair bit of damage as drivers forgot they were slightly wider than the wagons, a few walls were taken down whilst driving round towns
  11. Here is a picture of a chally 2 with dozer if you're interested. Telic1. A sqn, Royal scots Dragoon Guards.

    Attached Files:

  12. I dont think there was a seperate Mark for the versions fitted with the plug for the dozer or the mineplow. I gather that it was more like a batch in the production run, probably one of the later ones.

    Im pretty sure the Mk3 was the one fitted with armoured Charge bins, Mk2 presumably being the one with rear mounted drums?
  13. Thought the rear mounted drums were supposed to beused to make them look like russian tanks when used as OPFOR? But then somehow got taken in to use as being very useful.
  14. They use the drums to stow the cam net whilst on exercise.
    During telic, they were used as fuel cans but taken off due to shrapnel making them leak and causing a hazard.
  15. I gather (I read this, perhaps someone in BAOR at the time knows better) the drums were trialled in 1987 as a means of getting the Challengers to the IGB from barracks without having to use a tanker on the way. They would pull into a Laager, and refuel using external pumps. Anyway, the idea fell through since it was thought that it would make a dangerous hazard in a road traffic accident. They were subsequently fitted during Grandby presumably to give more tactical options (or more likely because the MOD had a cash surplus that week). I dont think the idea was ever to go into combat with them full of fuel, I wonder if an empty drum might give a bit of standoff to an RPG?

    Least thats the accepted story in at least 2 books on Challenger. Anyone who was there know better?