Challenger 2

Discussion in 'RAC' started by ARMY_MAD, Jul 24, 2005.

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  1. Hey guys

    What is the challenger 2 like?
  2. It's like a big metal thing.
  3. You have to be taking the mickey . Its big smelly dirty has a loud bang and the crew are all fat .
  4. Why do you care? you want to join the engineers don't you?

    R.E don't have challies.

  5. oooooooer recce cpl, bitchy or what!!!
  6. Must be Armament envy ;) :D :D
  7. Ha Ha armament envy , i have a radio i just call up a few jets .
  8. Clearly not from the RAF then unless you want them to take a jolly nice picture...
  9. *update* - I think the page is down at the moment
  10. its not that good, seeing as a tiny CVRT can wipe out an whole sqn on his own(yes i did that) OPFOR BATUS 2001 KRH had brown pants to match their brown hats!!
  11. Its a bit different when you are talking about TES, and for the record I have just witnessed BADGER, 2RTR on SPTA taking out quite a few CVRT...not all on the OPFOR side though!
  12. Mainly because BADGER kick ass most places they go. BATUS vs KRH springs to mind, talk about shock and awe...
  13. trelawney, am I right in thinking you are 2RTR?

    I'm a fellow cornishman and I was hoping to have a look at you guys in september time as a PO.

    What is life with 2RTR like? (sorry for the vagueness of the question), also is it only 1RTR that do NBC?