Challenger 2 videos, please help me find some

Discussion in 'RAC' started by chosenmen05, Aug 26, 2005.

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  1. Does ANYONE know where I can find video's Of the Chally 2 in action, I have been asked to do a talk at my OTC and I though some vids would be a good addition. Many thanks

    P.S. anyone know any movies with British tank crews actually talking, I can only think of Band of Brothers with the classic line.
    "If I canut see the bugga how can I bloody well shoot him?"
  2. Call Bovington.....they can help...

    Try google...just found a load !

    Films - too numerous to mention ....what situation do you weant to show ?

    You must be a maths undergrad...get researching !!
  3. Plenty of clips of Horrock's mob from 'A Bridge too Far'
  4. Plenty of clips of Horrock's mob from 'A Bridge too Far'
  5. see if you can track down a copy of that Top Gear where clarkson tried to outrun a CR2 with a range rover, they had some class footage on that as well as some good audio.

  6. the boys are either 1 or 2 RTR, cant make out from the capbadge tho.
  7. yeah its 2Tp A Sqn 1RTR from Warminster. good bunch of lads, know them all apart from the gunner
  8. saw that first time it was on telly- awesome!

    sounds sad to say one of the biggest things I miss (I've been in the PX for the past 3 months) gear.

    gotta love your cars.

  9. Brainiac blew a safe up with a Chally 2 as well. Would be good footage for the 120mm.
  10. gotta love brainiac, including the experiment showing that a chav dancing in a polyester shell suit was more dangerous than lighting up a fag at a petrol station.

  11. Try this below, some footageand photos etc of Challenger 2. There was a documentry (? Channel Four) on TELIC 1 which featured Ch 2 commander talking about final push on Basra, RPGs pinging off the armour etc. Will do some digging and let you know.
  12. Many thanks
    Talk is quickly becoming 50% Horrocks quotes about besieged homesteaders and 50% chally 2.

    Cheers for all the effort
  13. if its the tank im thinking of its a SDG tank, took 8 RPG hits and a milan hit above the mantlet. loadsa small arms hits over the bins. i saw it in shaibah when it came in for repair from the metalsmith.

    does great for crew confidence in the tank seeing that, i was truely amazed.