Challenger 2 L30 gun maximum or effective range

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Jeneral28, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone know what the Challenger 2 L30 main gun's max or effective range is? I know Challenger 1 once destroyed an Iraqi Tank at a range of 5 km but that was with the old L11. I can't find data on the Challenger 2, especially the current post Gulf War 2. Can any one help
  2. You cannot find data? Why would that be?................
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  3. I expected people to give non-answers.

    If you kind say you don't know it will solve the problem
  4. We could tell you, but then we would have to kill you...
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  5. In that case, I don't know.
  6. I do know actually, however we must protect what little pieces of data we have left unsullied by those nasty little sneeky ferkers

    nicking all our secret the yanks I mean.
  7. All the data you need is here mate
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  8. depends what you mean by effective range.... The answer to that depends a lot on what round you are firing and what state your target is.... As you put in your original post about 5km+
  9. That was Challenger 1.

    finally someone on topic
  10. If against infantry in the open, it's 9017m, If against a Sov MBT it is 6345m. Hope that helps you out.
  11. Well, If we look at what a .338 lapua can do in the hands of a god, Apply this same principle to a stabilized 120mm L31A1 replacing said god with FCS and some charm2.


    Badass of the Week: Craig Harrison

    Its safe to assume CR2 is capable of popping cans in the next county.
  12. So It out ranges smoothbore stuff. Fine that's the Ruskies kept at bay for another few years then. And longer range than a leopard 2.
  13. Imagine how awesome it would be if it had an SLR black nastied to the ****** as its spotting rifle. The reason it didn't happen? ******* Geneva Convention poofters...........
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  14. well, an APFSDS round uses kinetic energy, so if your far, far, far enough away it will dink against your body armour, but a HESH round will basically **** any tank at any range (excluding effective active armour defence, and Iv'e seen some improvised space armour against HEAT)..... so long as the target decides not to move because it's got a crappy MV of about 670 M/s....(Basically you have to lob the bastard compared to the DS) I'm thinking old school 120 mm values here.

    AND, if the sniper claim is right, Bisley should really be looking to buy all that real estate at the end of the century range and seriously extend. (was the S&B sight issue?, we couldn't get the Army to cough for B&V 1/4mil detent, got stuck with the 1/2 mil, bad enough that my corp had to buy our own AI issue sniper rifles (mind you, a B&V 1/4 mil sight cost more than the rifle) ...a lovely concept on improving shooting standards that was ensured to be stillborn).
  15. from around 5kms away give or take some...
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