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Discussion in 'RAC' started by commander, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. Hi all
    Looking for some help in my next book (Challenger2) need stories on what crew serving or served think of both Challengers, their good points and bad please, also looking for funny and serious episodes. No name or units will be used unless you are happy with that, i.e it would look like this Cpl J a comdr said ********.

    All help welcome

    Previous books so you can see not a Walt in tank clothing are Conqueror, Chieftain and FV430 due out soon
  2. I'll vouch for Bob. Chieftain was a great book.

    If you want the outsider's view of the tank, I made a few comments in the 'why is Chally better than Abrams' thread.

  3. Come on guys there must be some CR2 crew out there with some funny or otherwise stories
  4. Yes but Chieftain is no longer in service as the British Armys main battle tank is it! :roll:
  6. Wolf what point are you trying to make? I know its not in service as MBT but it was CR I am asking about.

  7. Is it CR1 you're asking about?

    And there is a very good reason why no one is answering.
  8. Listy

    I think you are wrong I am not asking anyone to break opsec or anything else, just looking for the type of story that is in my other books, the tech stuff is already sorted with MoD. Stories like moans that gun crutch moved to rear decks now no decent flat space to lie. is what I am after. I may have read the wrong implication into your reason why, but please dont take me as a Walt, I am bona fida mil and author. I have had great help from all angles of the mil community but the more you advertise hopefully the more you get in feed back. If schools inst feel they can help me within unclass and op and persec on other sites then why should this be different. Also I have quite a few people here with things that a no serving walt could not get.
  9. What about 21 from SDG's that got wacked on Telic one and a certain individual on the crew locked out the guys recovering it! :!:
  10. Do tell more of it
  11. I know him . Little guy at Lulworth at the moment .
  12. Without giving out ranks and names is this the one that lost its tracks and were sat there for hours being shot at. Individual also appreared on TV
  13. If your gen-up and want first hand info don't speak to the little coward who whilst crying stated that ' I shouldn't be here when they've gone because I'm a Sgt!!!'. Also locked his hatch so Reccy Mech couldn't get in while under attack! B"£rd is a coward an that's being generous.
    You'll get my No. if your genuine and I'll happily talk to you.

    Arte et Marte!
  14. He is genuine.

  15. Cheiftain book was very mate was on the rear cover :D seemed to me it was done by a bloke who knew what he was talking about and spent a bit of time on them. Saw the Conquerer book too...shame there wasn't any pics of the AVRE variants which were planned.