Challenger 1

Discussion in 'RAC' started by noliveroundsemptycasespr, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. Now having seen Challenger 1 34 KA 17 as a gate guard :crying: . .My first Challi was 34 KA 19 with RH,and it was brand spanking new .smelt lovely . :oops:
  2. My first was 64 KG 80

    Anyone else had it, or seen it?
  3. Found it.:( 12507697_786032351525779_8586168594478672801_n.jpg
  4. Well you looked after that didn't you?
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  5. The flowers placed on it is a nice respectful touch to a retired warrior.
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  6. I have now also planted potatoes in the back.
  7. Bit of T-Cut and it'll buff out.
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  8. Not my pic but taken in Germany on Sennelager recovery camp 11953093_741870152626030_4808792628634656557_n.jpg Not