Challenge to Real IRA conviction

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Judge_John, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. Real IRA Gang master Michael McKevitt has been given leave of appeal to challenge his conviction.

    Link Here

    I remember the chief witness at his trial. He came across as a bit of a Walter Mitty.

    Those who read the book " Black Operations, the secret war against the real IRA" will know of the chief witness.
  2. Reasonable doubt is a very high standard of proof. I take it there was no physical evidence or DNA?
  3. There is irrefutable DNA evidence of his guilt.... He's irish!
  4. "They claim the defence team in his trial was not given full information about the tax affairs of chief witness David Rupert, an FBI and British agent."

    If that is true then, unfortunately, the courts will have no option but to either quash his sentence due to it being unsafe, or order a retrial. IMO it will be a retrial.
    More fool the prosecution for not getting their house in order. It would be a tragedy if the scumbag walks free.
  5. Call me a little dim it you like, but what have the witnesses tax affairs got to do with this trial. Admittedley I don't know the full details but what if any bearing can they possibly have.

  6. Part of the case against McKevitt involved his monetary dealings. Given that Rupert was a state agent his tax affairs are open to discussion if he had any dealings with McKevitt.
  7. Get this book


    I found this a very informative read.
  8. I have read that and it is a very good account of the Irish police operation against the RIRA.
  9. Off to Amazon
  10. You may wish to read readers reviews of the book. Amazon