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Challenge to Blair over Libya

TangoZeroAlpha said:
maim and murder the decent law abiding UK citizens.
Just a query, why do you justify your point by calling them decent law abiding UK citizens? Does it matter who they are, if they are murdered they are murdered, i am positive 99.9% of the PIRA victims didn't deserve it.

Blair starts key Gaddafi meeting

Tony Blair has shaken hands and begun his controversial meeting with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.
Thursday's Tripoli talks follows Libya's decision last December to renounce weapons of mass destruction.

Mr Blair's visit has been criticised by some politicians and received a mixed response from relatives of the victims of the Lockerbie bombing.

The trip comes as it emerged police investigating the death of Wpc Yvonne Fletcher would visit Libya on 3 April.
and the terrorist appeasment bandwagon rolls on......

Well done Beloved leader (May the light of good fortune etc etc) , just because the Spams say he's ok is our Muhamar , you rush to kiss his arrse as well. Never mind a certain 747, tons of arms to PIRA and a WPC gunned down in a London Street. I know times change, but bloody hell :evil:

Mr Happy

On the other hand, you can't fight everyone all of the time (Bush wasn't listening at this point in his class) and the British are very good at dividing (muslims) and ruling....

Don't knock the FCO, it, unlike many government depts knows what it's doing most of the time.
TangoZeroAlpha said:
If £xm can be paid for Lockerbie (correctly in my book) then what about the PM taking on Col G (is he anything to Ali G) on compensation for the victims of PIRA guns and Semtex, freely given to the PIRA to maim and murder the decent law abiding UK citizens.

If the gadaffi's paying out for lockerbie etc shouldn't the assholes adams and mcguinness be paying out for their victims and those caused by their followers rather than the Bluuurrgh govt paying the ira/pira/cira "freedom fighters" for being injured or killed by the people they were trying to kill?

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