Challenge for Engineers or Anyone Else.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by belano, May 22, 2008.

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  1. Mainly for the Engineers/wannabe Bridge Builders out there but anyone else is welcome to try and complete it.

    So the challenge is who can complete it first?? Screen print is required as proof.


    Bridge Thing

  2. Done. 8)

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  3. Grats.

    I my own different one already and when i can work out how to get a screen print i will post it.


    P.S. Mine is considerably less sturdy.
  4. Easy.

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  5. Belano press ctrl+print screen then paste into a new bitmap image in ms paint. Then cut and paste the bit of the image you want and save as a jpg
  6. Creaked a bit, but they made it across.

  7. Finally worked out that Ctrl + Prt Sc doesn't work on my lap top because I have a fn button instead.

    So here is my rather crappy bridge before and after.

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  8. Nah she looks a sweet rig mate, i'd drive over it.
  9. I think a better challenge would be to build the crappiest bridge that doesn't collapse. Belano is off to a good start can anyone outdo him? I'm off to get shiter's now so will have to leave my efforts until later.