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if you don't already know coin number 120(mm) is up for auction in the thread of the same name, being recce I'm not interested 076 or 30 on the other hand........
all for 'charridy'


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Reminds me of the NAAFI Pie.

One year in 15/19H (it was 1980 come to think about it) had a particularly hectic schedule which included something like a PRE and an FTX one after another with no time in between.

Getting the wagons ready for FTX was a no-brainer (queue incoming jokes about Geordies and brains and smile inwardly, being a Mackem), but there was less room for laxity wrt the PRE.

To ensure maximum time on the vehicles, NAAFI breaks were cut as short as possible (RSM JC had already clamped down on the whole regiment taking the whole of 1000 to 1100 for NAAFI break: spoilsport) and where possible, troops sent a runner with an order for NAAFI pies.

Guys would pass one-another on the track between LAD square / vehicle park and the NAAFI and the habit arose of the returning guy waving his NAAFI pie in the face of the outgoing guy as if to say "I've got my NAAFI pie: get some in."

This continued into the PRE period and degenerated into everybody (I say "everybody": I personally managed to rise above it, thank God) waving his NAAFI pie at everybody else, with a cry of "NAAFI pie" regardless of where they were.

This in turn degenerated into a cry of "NAAFI pie" and the last person to wave his aloft was forfeited a round.

All good clean fun.

Then we went on FTX. I was shocked when I realised they continued the habit on exercise. They had all (mostly at least I hope) wrapped up their NAAFI growlers in cling film and taken them on exercise. Even so, after three weeks there was definitely another unusual aroma coming from the driver's compartment.

I did find it hilarious when our driver, Sammy, pulled the Scorpion up alongside that of the next troop leader while troopies exchanged jolly good officer-type greetings and talked about the weather. Sammy, who a part of this game, ferreted (if you'll pardon the pun) around on his sponson, whipped out his growler (ooer missus) and shouted "NAAFI Pie!", and the drivers and gunners of the other troop leader's section all dived inside in a desperate bid not to be last to reply. Oh how I larfed.

I have to point out that the two troopies just stopped in amazement and stared. After all, while PRE and prep was on, they'd been sent to the Mess to let us get on with the work, and during loading / moving / unloading they were all their usual head-in-the-clouds selves: they didn't have a clue.


Bollocks, all you guys ate was bacon rolls and razorblades.

However we have gone upmarket - buy a coin or the next time your caught away from your pooter it will cost you at least a bacon roll.

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