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Challenge Coin Competition "Jimbo, The Baron"

Which of the photos gets your vote ?

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These are the photos for the 'Best Jimbo "The Baron" with a Challenge Coin photo'.

Please take part and vote for the photo you like best.

The prize for the winner is an engraved Veterans Coin kindly donated by Gundulph and MittMayo.

Here are the participating photos:

Photo #1:

Photo #2:

Photo #3:

Photo #4:

Please take part and vote for your favourite photo before 31st of July !!


Book Reviewer
I can't bring myself to vote for any of those as they're wrong on so many levels. But I can think of a couple of captions.

The most printable of which is 'What's a nice coin like you doing in a place like this?'
wedge35 said:
Isn't this a bit 2008?
Maybe it's like when I was suggesting that my "Top Cat" and "Lion King" beach towels were "rather last season". My daughter reassured me that, as they were older than that, they could be described as "retro" ...... which made them cool.
If you don't mind, re-stilly, we'll announce all winners next weekend when the 'finals' in those two biiiiiiig categories are over as well. :)
HI, has anhyone got an update on Shortarrse. I do so miss the daily humour of his pathetic life and wish Arrse had seen it through to the end.
And we have a winner !!

The winner of the category
Best Jimbo "The Baron" with a Challenge Coin photo
is . . .

RE-STILLY !! :thumright:

Please get in touch with MittMayo
to get your Armed Forces Veterans Coin engraved
with max. 8 characters of your choice to make it personalised.

This is the winning photo:

Congratulations, re-stilly.


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