Challenge-21 leading to more recruits????

Since the government/big brother has introduced the Challenge 21 thing in shops and off-licenses i have seen a massive increase in the amount of recruits who have turned up at the unit in recent weeks, i can only put this down to 2 reasons,

1: That my current crop of little darlings are enjoying it so much that they've managed to convince their mates to come along or.....

2: as they can no longer buy booze and fags, that hanging round a bus shelter all night isn't as much fun sober and have decided to find somewhere warm and dry to see out the winter!

anyone else noticed an upturn in recruits?
I have noticed an increase in recruits over the last month, however I just put this down to the fact that it's a new school year. Around this time every year there seems to be an influx of new cadets, however the Challenge 21 theory is interesting. If you're right at least it's having a positive affect!

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