Chain of Command - An Abject Failure

Discussion in 'RLC' started by standstill, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. I know that the majority of birds in the RLC are usually pretty fat, but surely someone must have noticed this?

    Who's the Daddy?

    What were the chain of command doing?

    Not only would the girl have visibly changed shape, but surely she would also have been affected 'mentally'? What happenned to the block NCO wandering around in the mornings? What happenned to the Admin Sgt conducting accommodation inspections?

    Utterly inexcusable and shameful.
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    This has been done mate but I really feel sorry for this young girl. She is living amongst hundreds of squaddies male & female and still did not feel that she could go and tell someone. Sad reflection of things today, but as is said, the army is just a reflection of society.

    Poor girl who I hope is getting the right help and assistance now.

    I made a facetious comment on another thread but I really do feel for this young and obviously vulnerable person.
  3. Block inspections? Sorry mate if you are paying a landlord to live in her/his flat, he/she has no right to come into that accomodation to "inspect it", unless that is negotiated first.
  4. Before we hack this to bits, could you please explain where you sit in the chain of command.
  5. Yes, and whether you feel that this a shocking systemic failure or a shocking human failure? Or just a bid to get the work-ticket and keys for the...OUTRAGE BUS!
  6. Outstanding,

    What total shite - it is because of 'trendy/we've all got rights' attitudes that situations like this arise. It is the most important duty of the chain of command to look after the welfare of the soldiers under their command. That includes frequent inspections of the accommodation to ensure that it is clean and servicable and checking that their personal equipment is clean and in good working order.

    This case shows clearly that the chain of command were paying lip service (or no service at all) to their soldiers welfare.

    Ther can be no excuses.
  7. Surely not SNCOs doing nothing so that they can do nothing wrong and weak Officers scared to check up on the Seniors.

    Probably epitomises some of the biggest failings in the RLC.
  8. I presume that standstill knows more about than has been reported. Do you know that inspections had not been undertaken and that the CoC were failing? Or are you simply doing a Daily Wail comment - 'it wouldn't have happened in my day'?
  9. Your supposed to get a room inspection once a month (Queen Regs). (A total waste of time).
    Although what difference would accomodation checks have made?
    I doubt very much she went on tough exercises or did much PT the place is biff chit central. I can well believe a pregnant women could fit in with the rest of a fat lardarses there.
  10. Deleted by author
  11. and again.
  12. I do not agree with you.

    It is a fact that some women don't realise they are pregnant and some women don't show a bump until much later on.

    If soldiers want to hide something like this, they can do so - as this girl has just proven.

    It isn't the officers and SNCOs who should have picked this up, it is the soldier's colleagues, with whom she was in daily, if not hourly, contact, who should have realised that something was wrong and persuaded the soldier to see the Padre/Doctor/Welfare Officer. Or they could have dropped a hint in the right quarter... "Sir, can I have a quiet word, please?" There is a huge safety net for soldiers who find themselves in difficult positions and this soldier fell straight through - because, for whatever reason, she wanted to avoid engaging with the welfare services.

    I agree with Auld-Yin that the girl must be very troubled to have ended up in this state. I sincerely hope she recovers from the shock and goes on to make a good mother - and a good soldier.

  13. I take it you found the paragraph? Can you can post a link to an online version of QRs I can't find one anywhere.
  14. I hear what you say Lit but I think it is a bit of wishful thinking. The COC will want to drop this one like a hot spud in order to save investigations by Social services etc.
    It isn't like this poor girl is some 13 year old from chavsville, she knew what her condition was, she was surrounded by professional people and failed to take inner responsability (a disgusting term in use by certain social services which can automatically have the child placed on the "at risk" register for being in clear denial). The COC will have a lot to answer because they will be asked a lot of questions, especially as the welfare state is under attack by our journo leeches.
  15. Apparently she cracked on with PT, duties etc. Unless people here know otherwise she might not have been aware she was pregnant, there are few cases that I recall over the years where the birth has taken the woman completely by surprise.

    And, i can just imagine the conversation:

    CoC: Are you OK, you look to be putting on weight?
    Sldr: Are you calling me fat sir? That's harassment. :roll:

    To say the an abject failure by the CoC may be a bit strong. On the face of it, there do seem to be some omissions but inevitably there'll be more to the story so I'm holding out before tut tutting.