CH4's Dispatches-Bravo's Deadly Mission.(USMC on Operation Mushtaraq,Afghan Feb 2010)

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by spike7451, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Tonight,7th Oct 2010,Channel 4 at 2100Hrs.

    Dispatches - Bravo's Deadly Mission - Channel 4

  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    It'll be on the 4OD in a day or so,you may be able to watch it thru a proxy.
  3. They might post it on their YouTube - channel4's Channel.

    4OD doesn't fall for proxy servers in my experience.
  4. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    On now

    V-22 Ospreys loading marines and pre-briefing: Coy Cdr ' all the rock drills we have done will go to WILL have to make decisions....I guarantee we will lose Marines'

    ROE mean they cannot open fire unless they are engaged...they have to watch and wait as fighters are dropped off all around them
  5. Anyone else wondering why they are pushing the ANA fellas around & generally treating them like shit? I know they need sorting but i thought mentoring was the order of the day. I trust our OMLT deployments are better behaved. From what i've read we seem to be working more as a team with them. Treating them with a lack of respect seems to me losing the long term war before the battle is even won.
  6. Bits did strike me a little as 'send them in first' at times... However, I must say that the general impression of the marines which comes across in this documentary is a world away from the typical 'jarhead' often portrayed in the media. Gripping viewing.
  7. I think it is a pretty good view but as professionalism goes, I can't say much.. They are pushing the ANA around and taking the piss of killing the Taliban, you could see the ANA soldier at the start, he didn't agree with that. Most of the guys just seem like they want to get home and get on with their lives and the people don't seem to appreciate what is being done for them. I feel bad for Mohammed though, was he really 20? He was a good laugh lol good show overall though..
  8. I hope that is a positive comment!
  9. I thought they were highly professional and you could have swapped there uniform and capbadge with any British unit doing the same job, a true depiction of life on the ground
  10. 'kin hell that was really really good, and yet depressing at the same time strikes me as equal to swimming uphill in a sea of treacle. I doth my cap to those guys
  11. I've seen a few fly-on-the-wall documentaries based upon the military in Afghanistan and they all seem to have similar themes. On the ground our soldiers (and the americans in this case) are totally professional and to be admired. They are willing to take the fight to the taliban and usually win. Interesting to see just how determined the us marines were in there efforts to prevent civillian casulties and yet still failed. Yet by the end, once under the rule of Afghan govt police and troops the civilian population seem very unhappy. Until this changes I can't see how the taliban will ever be defeated.

    Sad to see in the end credits that the little guy Mohammed had been found beheaded in September - presumably done by the taliban?
  12. It is so long since I served that I am not really qualified to give an opinion on the tactics being employed, I thought that the shot of them all waking up in the morning was revealing, there was kit everywhere it looked like they had been there a month. I cannot believe a British unit would be so lax with their personal admin. I did not like they way they went about their business, but they do seem to get the job done all brave lads and the bomb disposal fella is clearly equipped with a proper set of minerals.
  13. I found that rather depressing for a couple of reasons
    a) I never realised how much the indiginous population resented us being there
    b) As someone has already pointed out, the way in which the ANA are ridiculed, pushed around and litterally thrown through compound entrances did not seem like a great attempt at mentoring and training your exit strategy.
  14. Good film with a happy ending, that dwarf was a reet annoying little ******.

    "Oi Knickknack, get to **** you're giving away my position".