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Well, just when I thought I'd seen all perculiarites of life and read every wannabe walt thread, up pops 'Secrets of the Shoplilfters'

Secrets of the Shoplifters - 4oD - Channel 4

4OD said:
These committed detectives are putting their necks on the line, often without handcuffs or stab vests, while they try and detain people who, when caught, can sometimes turn violent.

Brief outline - A doc about shiplifting, the person behind the theft and their techniques, but more importantly the scary beast that is . . .The Store Detective

It was, without a doubt, a fest of wannabe Rambo-cum-Dirty Harry store dicks running about and talking like theiy're in the Sweeney.

It included two guys from Brighton, who co-incidentally looked like a couple of bummers, who walk the streets on their days off catching bad guys. The talk of Nicking here and taking down there was hilarious.

I laughed all the way through and just imagined Werewolf and his security team racing through Tesco's screaming shoppers out of the way because some 8 yr old Crim was making off with a candy snake from the Pick 'n' Mix.
I watched it after coppers last night and thought it was brilliant. Is love to know what Sinner thinks of it.

Must admit I couldn't get that picture of him sat on that fellas legs looking bored out of my head.
I thought it was very instructional to any wannabee shoplifter who didn't know how to defeat the door sensors. It was also very helpful of the Store Dicks to tell the camera how limited their powers were , just in case said wannabee lifters didn't already know!

The patting of the handcuffs as he looped them onto his 80's pale blue buckle belt was pure Constable Goody from Thin Blue Line!
I will have to get my eyes tested, I thought the thread was about the secrets of the shirt lifter.

If you can use the search function there was an amusing thread on "mall Ninjas" a while ago.
It really is like that. I speak as one well versed in West End London and Shopping Cities as a team leader in the past. The guys were obviously hamming it up for the cameras and the silly bugger's filming it put it all out hook line and sinker. Best days of my life, you against them, better than the military really. Real teams built under those circumstances. CWW here. What was it with the lack of protective gear on the programme not really truthful there.

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