Ch4 Secret Millionaires

OK, so to a certain extent this programme is allowing these people to blow smoke up their own arrse by helping 'the little people' but its also showing just how bad things in this country are. Sat watching it last night and the guy gave £8000 to a young couple with 3 kids and it changed their lives....

She had the attitude of even though she was on minimum wage and it was tough to make ends meet, it was their responsibility to look after their kids. Her partner stayed home looking after things there as it was easier for her to get work.

This is the link to the web site and if you get chance, have a look and try to catch one of the programmes.

It makes me realise even more just how bad things have gotten and that now more than ever this Country needs to start taking care of its own and instead of pumping millions of pounds into Europe and various African Countries in aid it should all stop and be used to sort things out at home first.

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