CH4 Postpone "Mark of cain"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Boney2728, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. Breaking on Sky news.
  2. Gosh

    My campaign worked

  3. Not been able to check that out but damned good news. Well done Sven!
  4. They've postponed it due to the current hostage crisis in iran
  5. Anyone got a link yet?
  6. Its on sky news
  7. Seriously I did very little, emailed Channel 4 and posted the adress on the thread I created. I do not for a minute think that I had much influence on Channel 4s decision - just in case one of the Three Stinkers is planning to abuse me for my above claims
  8. First:
    Nuff said. :D

    As soon as the 15 RN/RM are home, it'll be on the box in a jiffy.
  9. C4 pulls TV drama over Iran fears
    Families voiced concern over C4's The Mark of Cain

    Channel 4 has postponed a drama about British soldiers in Iraq as the UK negotiates to free 15 Royal Navy personnel captured by Iran. The Mark of Cain, which was due to be broadcast on Thursday, shows British troops abusing Iraqi detainees.
    Families of the captured crew and senior military figures had expressed concerns about the timing of the show.
    The network said in a statement that it recognised their concerns and did not want to add to their worries.
    Channel 4's drama commissioning editor Liza Marshall said: "We recognise that relatives of those held captive in Iran are concerned that the broadcast of the film at this point might jeopardise negotiations for their release.
    "While the channel believes this outcome is unlikely, we are anxious not to add to the extraordinary stresses and concerns they must be experiencing at this time and, in consultation with the writer and producers, we have therefore decided to delay transmission."
  10. One down, two to go
  11. how about ch4 showing a 90 min doc in the place showing how fantastic the british forces are and what a great job thay do. no doubt it will be replaced by somthing along the lines of "our badly treated muslims" i do wonder at ch4 somtimes.
  12. A rare display of common sense and humanity by a media organisation.

    I applaud Channel 4 for this decision.
  13. They've also started to acknowledge the Royal Navy, rather than the British Navy. Let's hope the dreadful programme is binned for good.
  14. . . . now the Matelots are at liberty, again, however . . . .